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  1. S

    Question Is the RTX 3060 a good GPU and is it compatible with my build ?

    Hi guys. Its been a while since I posted something here. Life has been busy but now its time for an upgrade so what better forum to ask for help. Two days ago, I ran into a problem on my PC. I was working on it and it showed me the BSOD (Blue Screen). This problem wasn't very frequent until...
  2. E

    Question Best 850w PSU for under £110 ?

    Got a RTX 3070, I am using 2 separate 8 pin cables to power it from my Seasonic SS-650KM3 X Series. However, got a random shutdown while gaming...
  3. teeteemo

    Question Is my PSU enough to power this unit while full gaming? along with the RGB strips and fans? Seasonic 850W

    This is the whole specs Is my PSU enough to power this unit while full gaming? along with the RGB strips and fans? PROCESSOR: INTEL Core i7 12700KF 12th Gen LGA1700 12 Cores 20 Threads w/o on-board graphics MOTHERBOARD: (INTEL) Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Elite AX DDR4 LGA1700 Wifi + BT RAM...
  4. I

    Question PSU for 3080 Ti configuration ?

    Hi there, I purchased an RM850x (2021) for the purpose to upgrade my GPU to a 3080ti. What I've seen on the post is that you need 3 separate PCIe connectors and the RM850x(2021) only came with 2 + 4 daisy-chained Can I use 2 + 1 daisy daisy-chained as seen below?
  5. jellisellis

    Question Possible Problem with PSU?

    I have a corsair RM 850w PSU, in the past couple of days there have been some problems with my PC, first one being the PSU will just restart sometimes, or the screen will go black and I cannot do anything including turning the tower off by power button. I need to go behind the PC and flick the...
  6. 8

    [SOLVED] 3 x 8-pin on Corsair RM850x & RTX 3090 ?

    Hi there, I currently have a Corsair RM850x 80 PLUS Gold PSU and a RTX 2080 Super which are connected by 2 x 8-pin cables (both of which have an additional loose 8pin connection on the cable). I'm looking to upgrade to an RTX 3090 (most likely the ASUS ROG Strix or MSI Suprim), but most of...
  7. C

    [SOLVED] PC crashes when gaming at 144hz

    Hello! I've seen some other people experiencing similar problems with games crashing with 144hz refresh rate on the monitor. The problem is that my PC is brand new and really need some advice on how to solve this problem. This happens when I'm playing (whatever game) and the computer restarts...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] PSU Recommendations

    Hello Lovely humans, Looking to replace my current psu. I am looking for something in the 750-850w range. While never having taken true measurements, online calculators suggest my current setup has a load wattage of 542W with a Recommended PSU of 600W. These numbers are based around a GTX960...
  9. N

    Question My entire PC turns on, except for my graphics card, can someone help?

    I am building a new system with some Christmas upgrades, and I have ran into quite a weird issue my entire PC turns on, the fans, the motherboard, the cpu radiatior/pump etc. except my graphics card, but the weird thing is the fans spin, but the green led light does not turn on and my monitors...
  10. J

    [SOLVED] New MSI Powersupply a bad buy?

    I have a voucher for a retailer selling the new MSI MPG A850GF 850W power supply, making it a fair bit cheaper than some other PSU's that are highly regarded such as Corsair RM850. However I can't find any reviews on it and I know power supplies are items you dont want to cheap out on when it...
  11. Spaghetti123

    [SOLVED] 850 watt psu enough for i9-9900k OC and rtx 3080 OC?

    I've been choosing between whether i not should get a 850w psu or 1000w, does 1000w seem a bit overkill?
  12. K

    [SOLVED] Looking for 850W PSU recommendations for a Zen 3 + 3080 system

    Hi everyone, I’m building my first PC and I’ve been stuck on finalizing a PSU. I live in Canada and my main use case will be 1440p/4K gaming + streaming. Build: CPU: Planning for a Ryzen 5900X CPU Cooler: Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280mm AIO MOBO: MSI X570 Tomahawk RAM: DDR4 3600 CL16 SSD: 1TB...
  13. B

    [SOLVED] Red CPU LED, GPU/PSU fans don't turn off after shutdown. PC works fine.

    Hi Few days ago my PC shut down instantly in game menu (MW), but it was able to turn on normally, no bios resets, no burnt smell etc. I did a stress test with Furmark (cpu+gpu) for 1 hour, temps were fine (max 71°C on CPU avg 68, GPU 67°C) and nothing happened. Yesterday, when tried to wake...
  14. gea1776

    [SOLVED] 850w or 1000w PSU?

    I am looking to purchase a new PSU, and in the future I am planning on installing an AIO CPU cooler, although I have not picked one out yet. However, I need to purchase the PSU a lot sooner than the AIO. I am not sure if I should purchase an 850w PSU or a 1000w PSU. I am planning on doing some...
  15. msrsuvo

    [SOLVED] Which PSU will best?

    Please let me which one will be best for long-term and proper use? Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 750w RGB 80+ Gold Antec HCG 750w 80+ Gold Bitfenix Whisper 850w 80+ Gold Ignore the watt. 850w or 750w no matter.
  16. T

    Question Need advice, upgrade or rebuild

    Hi folks, I am looking to upgrade my system, and I going back and forth between simply upgrading the GPU or rebuilding the entire system . Current Specs: CPU: i7 4770k CPU Cooler: AIO liquid cooled GPU: 2x GTX 770 sli Mobo: Asus Z87 Pro Ram: 2x8GB (16GB) G.Skill RipJaws @ 1600 PSU...
  17. manoloeltrolo

    [SOLVED] help, power supply explode?

    i was working in my pc, and suddendly the power supply emites a sound like a boom, i am scared, because i test the mouse in another pc and it is not working, i disconnect everything of the pc inside and i only connect de supply to 220v(south america) my house goes dark, and the power supply is...
  18. Molda_22

    [SOLVED] 850W enough for very high end build?

    I know this gets asked a lot, but problem is i always find very different answers that confuse me. I have new build with i9 - 9900k, MSI Nvidia 2080ti gaming trio, 64 gb ram, 3 monitors, 1 nvme drive, 3 SSD drives, 3 HDD drives, 1x capture card, dark rock pro 4 cpu cooler and 4 fans. And will...
  19. R

    Question Seasonic 850w Titanium active pfc

    A few months ago I built a new PC. Since the build date my PSU makes a constant tick sound. While it never becomes very audible it does increase in volume minorly depending on load. It even does it when it is powered off. I contacted Seasonic to see if it was something to be concerned about, in...
  20. S

    [SOLVED] Seasonic prime ultra titanium 750W or 850W.

    Hello, I'm assembling a new PC and I heard that the PSU work best when working between 50% and 70% of its capacity, it will go well with the 750w or the 850w Will be better, the Price difference between them is almost nonexistent. My main uses will be playing videogames at 2k resolution, video...
  21. S


    I am having random BSOD after what seems this windows 10 update I updated to on 6/15. That might not be related at all but only thing I can think of. It seems to happen very randomly for example I played a game for hours and browsed the web an nothing that day. Then today, used chrome for like...
  22. Z

    Ac black flag maxed out system req

    Hello,i was wondering if someone could tell me what PC would i need to max out ac black flag on 60fps.Thanks. P.S. i play on 1366x768.
  23. elgiov

    Computer Micro-Freeze/Stutter every few seconds

    Hello everyone. Well, as you can read in the title, I am having problems with my brand new build pc. I bought my new parts no more than two moths ago and I am having this problem that is quite annoying right now. The parts I bought were: Gigabyte Micro ATX DDR4 Motherboards GA-B150M-D3H, Intel...
  24. P

    z506 help with connectivity to msi gaming m5

    The MSI z170a Gaming M5 audio connectivity is confusing. I wan't to connect the motherboard to my logitech z506 5.1 audio system. But I don't know witch ports to use to get 5.1. Anyone have any ideas?
  25. S

    HP Z820 Workstation

    Hi All, I am looking for workstation with powerful performance and personally picked Z820, i am confused with the processor and thread part. This is a refurbished machine and has the following specs. 1) Xeon 2 x E5-2620 Enterprise 6-Core CPU, (Max. Number of processors: 2 CPU socket: LGA 2011)...
  26. SplinterCellRocks

    GEFORCE 6800 XE minimum psu requeriment?

    Will this geforce run in a generic (Sunshine) 300w psu? i used a power supply calculator and it says that the load wattage is 258w and the recommended psu is 308w. But iḿ not sure that it can run...
  27. N

    will this psu work with 750ti ?

    so I want to upgrade my graphics card from gt 430 to gtx 750ti and im curious if my psu can handle the new graphics card. It has 400w and two +12 rails (+12v1 - 8a; +12v2 - 14a)
  28. N

    Not all ram showing?

    Hi all, Ive got a custom built desktop with 8GB ram which its showing 8GB being used. Also with checking on Speecy it shows 8GB. I brought a laptop win 8.1, 64bit, 8GB ram. On the properties it shows 8GB but 6.94gb usable but in speccy shows 7GB. So have I got a faulty ram stick?
  29. V

    Building a budget PC that I can...

    upgrade in the future. I would like to have a nice case, motherboard, PSU, and a CPU, mainly so if I need to upgrade later down the line I don't have to replace it from the ground up. I also need an OS! The games I plan on playing are Minecraft, Gmod, and other non demanding games. P.S - This...
  30. D

    Windows boot failure

    Yesterday, I run BIOS and changed a setting (warning sound when CPU ovrheats).After I rebooted, windows tried to fix a problem but it couldn't.I have tried every option, I even tried to reinstall Windows 8.1 with my CD but I can't, both with upgrade and with custom install (cannot do the disk...
  31. F

    If my motherboard supports dual / quad and my proc is Intel Core i7 5820K 3.3GHz, can i use dual kit 2x2 or do i need to get q

    I'm looking to buy a new pc next year but i wish to make my wishlist now , i just don't know if i can get the full functionality of a dual kit in those circumstances.
  32. C

    Crossblade Ranger case?

    This crossblade ranger looks like a motherboard that doesn't even go in a case! Does it have a custom case or does it fit in a normal one. Or is it just external? If it has a custom case please link me it
  33. J

    I want a answer for this question

    When I start my computer it says NTLDR missing ctrl+alt+del to restart but it is not starting up how to fix it
  34. I

    Intel ac 7260

    Is the intel dual band 2.4/5ghz Ac 7260 good for gaming. Yes I know and I have read about the other forums, but I am very new to "computers" so it's hard for me to understand, so if someone could give me a review in tech newbie English of the card, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks and...
  35. B

    help with water-cooling! (first timer)

    PC Part Picker build list This is my first attempt at a water-cooled system. After watching some videos and comprehensive guides I decided to take the plunge. I wanted to use the Bitfenix Prodigy as my platform and go from there. Some more research led me to the NCIX Bitfenix build and I copied...
  36. G

    Preparing to build my 1st PC in the near future

    I am on a $1k budget and here are the specs: OS: Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit OEM GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 760 ACX CPU: Intel Core i5-4670K Motherboard: ASRock Z87 PRO3 Memory: 8GB G.Skill DDR3-1866 RAM Kit (2 x 4GB) Solid-State Drive: SanDisk Extreme II 120GB SSD Hard Disk Drive: WD Caviar Blue...
  37. V

    The best cpu for music production around 200$ *help*

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my current CPU the Intel i3 530 2.93 GHz to improve my computer's ability to handle programs such as Pro tools 9-10, virtual instruments, and plug-ins. I'd like to be able to hook my midi keyboard up to my computer and record music without any lag or problems. I was...