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    Question Asrock H61M-VG4 can deal with different MHZ ram?

    One of them is 8gb, the another one is 4gb and i know both of them has different MHZ.
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    Question Toshiba Satellite C640 (PSC2UG-00P001) RAM Upgrade

    My laptop is Toshiba Satellite C640 (PSC2UG-00P001). Please visit the following link to see the full configuration. https://www.91mobiles.com/toshiba-c640-x4012-core-i5-2nd-gen-4-gb-500-gb-dos-laptop-price-in-india-59342 The current RAM total capacity is 4GB. 2GB in each slot. its specification...
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    Question different brands same specs ram modules?

    Hi guys i have a one question, I have Lenovo y520-15ikbn with i5 7300hq, 1050ti 4gb aaand one stick of 8gb memory: model sk Hynix hma81gs6cjr8n-vk, ok now I want to update one more 8gb ram stick buuut i cant find same brand but I found this one mta8atf1g64hz-2g6e1, like, I compere in every...
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    [SOLVED] Upgrading Ram

    Hey there and thanks for stopping by. So I am planning on upgrading from 8gb 4x2 ram to 16 gb 4x4 ram. I was wondering whether or not I can mix and match ram sticks with C16 and C15 latency or 3000mhz speed and 2666mhz speed. This the link to ram I currently have...
  5. X

    Question BUYING RX570 8GB GPU

    MSI RX570 8GB ARMOR. is this gpu good for normal gaming? is there anyone who facing problem in this gpu? hot issue or lag or crash? plz help cz im going to buy this..my cpu i7-7700.8GB RAM.1080p monitor. TIA
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    Question Seeing if two ram sticks are compatible before opening the package

    Hi, i'm planning to build a pc with 2 sticks of ram each with 8gb, the problem is, where i live buying memory in kits is much more expensive than buying individually (don't ask me why); I'm gonna buy them at the same time, but as some have said it still has the chance to not work, is there any...
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    [SOLVED] Random FPS drops, RAM?

    Hello guys, I have been getting random FPS drops in games more and more frequently. My current build: i7 2600 1070 TI 8GB DDR3 500GB SSD 650W PS Would a ram upgrade to 16gb help, or should I just bite the bullet and upgrade mobo, cpu and ram?
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    Question Is this a bad idea or is it feasible?

    I currently have two sets of ram: one 2x4gb kit that is rated at 3000 speed, and a 2x8gb kit at 3200 speed. As far as I know, they are the same timing and are both from the same brand(Team TForce Delta RGB). Is it possible for me to use both kits in my system at the same time and not encounter...
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    Question Any software that automatically determines the best overclock for my GPU?

    I have a RTX 2080 8GB Founders Edition and I dont feel like going through hours of trial and error...
  10. kenzy9

    Question EVGA GTX 1070 FTW2 Gaming iCX 8GB vs. SC GAMING ACX 3.0, 8GB

    1. Which should I get, is one better than the other? https://au.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=08G-P4-6676-KR ~ $550 vs https://au.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=08G-P4-6173-KR ~ $600 I will play CSGO competitive/ranked, PUBG, Rainbow 6 Siege & Assassin' Creed Unity/Odyssey. Reckon need...
  11. VinnieBeer

    Question hyperx genesis comparability with hyperx savage

    Hi. I have kingston hyperx genesis on Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. B85M-HD3 R4 motherboard . Will the kingston hyperx savage work with my ram and motherboard if voltage and latency are the same ? My ram : Hyperx Genesis ( my ram ) Kingston hyperx savage : SAVAGE
  12. J

    Question Is this PC good for 900$?

    Here is the pc I built not really based on looks, but I wanted some RGB in it since it has a side panel. If you`ve got some better ideas post them down below, but my absolute maximum budget is 1000$. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/jAAklis/saved/#view=zYPtgs Thanks for reading, jAAklis
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    Question 8GB and 4GB

    Is it possible to have a DDR4 8GB RAM stick and a DDR4 4GB RAM stick? combined 12GB RAM. thanks
  14. R

    [SOLVED] Dual channel question

    Hi! I'm planning to build 2 budget gaming pc. I want them to run in dual channel, supposedly 2x4gb (total of 8gb). In our store they only sell 1 stick 4gb and 1 stick of 8gb same brand, not in pairs. Is it ok to buy two 4gb for each pc even though it doesn't come in pairs, will it run dual...
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    Question Am I right to assume my GPU is DOA?

    Setup: CPU: AMD - Athlon X4 860K Motherboard: ASRock - FM2A68M-HD+ Micro ATX RAM - 2x4gb DDR3-1600 PSU: EVGA - 430 W 80+ Certified So up until recently, I was using a GTX 1050 as my GPU but got a really good deal on an RX 570 (8GB OC) and decided to take it. I put it into my build today and...
  16. C

    PC suddenly needs to reinstall windows 10

    I came home from work to find that my PC was turned off even though I left it on hulu. I turned it on and when I did it tells me to reinstall windows 10. I purchased a real copy of windows 10 from the Microsoft website. I can't get anything to work for it. What could have caused this anand how...
  17. G

    best mobo for i5 8400?

    GPU: RX 580 SSD: Silicon power a55 1tb PSU: EVGA 500W BRONZE 80+ RAM: Patriot Viper 2x8gb 3200mhz CPU: I5 8400 MOBO:? These are the components that I wish to buy. I need to play all the games above 60fps. I have a samsung 900p monitor and a sony 1080p tv. Mostly i use the monitor for gaming. So...
  18. L

    [SOLVED] AVR specifications for PC

    Hello, i plan to get an AVR for my PC. Here are my specs: i7-8700 GTX 1080 Auros H370 Gaming 3 Motherboard T-force Delta 2 x 8g 2666MHz Thermaltake Toughpower 750w Gold Is there such thing as a recommended specification for an AVR that i must find? thanks!
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