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  1. MannyChachere

    [SOLVED] Temps spike to 90c~

    I have a Z170A gaming M7 (ms-7976) with a i5-6600k set to 4.2~GHz that has an attached H100iGTX. 2 front 120mm Fans (Intake) 1 Back 120mm Fan (Exhaust) 2 Top 120mm Fans (Intake) Motherboard (MSI Command Center) controls the fans on auto while the Pump is reading 1800-1920Rpms. iCUE has it on...
  2. Skydaz

    Question intel i7 5700hq Gaming at max temp of 90 c

    Laptop : msi ge62 2qf apache pro (used laptop) i7 5700hq 16gb ddr3 ram gtx 970m 3gb ddr5 vram 1TB hdd from toshiba canvio external hard disk so i bought this used laptop, is it normal when the temperature hit 90 celcius while gaming ? But i also notice that the temperature will not go above...
  3. I

    [SOLVED] my laptop heats up to 90+ degrees on startup, should i return my laptop?

    So i bought the msi gs75 laptop about 10 days ago, i've noticed that the temps in this laptop are absurdly high. On startup i sometimes get cpu temps over 90 degrees. After a few minutes it calms down at sits between 50 and 70 on idle. Before i bought this laptop i did some research on the heat...
  4. F

    Is this pc compatible? I have never built a pc before.

    I was told there are 3 issues with my current pc part list by a friend. Are the parts compatible because PC Partpicker says there is only one issue so far. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/qN9Dyc