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$900 Build

Forum discussion tagged with $900 Build.
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    Question $900 build

    Can someone suggest a build for $900 without psu, case, and secondary drive I will accept cpu from aliexpress Mostly gaming and editing
  2. N

    Question $900-ish Gaming/Editing pc build

    I am going to build a pc with $880 budget, i have two BASE list which one is better? some parts are used (cpu, gpu, ram), i don't need a psu because i already have one, I also have 4 extra drives (2x 256gb ssd, 320gb hdd, 1tb hdd) list #1 Ryzen 7 2700x - $197 nitro + vega 64 - $198 avexir core...
  3. 2

    144hz monitor need some help

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/ASUS-VG248QE-Black-24-1ms-GTG-HDMI-Widescreen-LED-Backlight-LCD-Monitor-/291610145742?hash=item43e551b3ce:g:9IkAAOSwFGNWTd3I should i get a refurbished one or http://pcpartpicker.com/product/sbKhP6/asus-mg248q-240-144hz-monitor-mg248q i should get this one or get an acer...
  4. J

    Help me guys

    I got a great deal on Kingston HyperX Genesis and Kingston HyperX Blu for 40USD both, so are they gonna work good with each other ?