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    İs this a good system ?

    Hello people.So,Im thinkin of upgrading my PC.My current specs. are; GİGABYTE GA-880GM-USB3 Motherboard AMD FX4100 3.6 GHZ Quad Core CPU Ati HD6850 1GB 256BİT GPU 4GB RAM 500watt PSU and 32bit w7 OS. I plan to replace them with; MSİ 970A-G46 AMD 970+SB950 AM3+ DDR3 2133MHz(O.C.) AMD FX X8 8350...
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    Trade 680 4GB Classified +$ for 690SE

    I have been waiting to purchase a 780 Ti (GHZ/Classified) until the new Titan Black edition is released in hopes that the prices will drop a little bit. However I have been trying to sell my 680 Classified in the meantime. I received a message about trading my 680 4gb Classy for his 690 + $300...
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    Choosing a mouse

    After a few weeks of looking around, I finally came down to 3 mice: Deathadder 2013 : http://www.amazon.co.uk/Razer-Deathadder-Ergonomic-Gaming-Mouse/dp/B00ABS62C6 £47.99 Logitech G400s : http://www.amazon.co.uk/Logitech-G400s-Optical-Gaming-Mouse/dp/B00CJAEX70 £33.30 And the Logitech G400 ...
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    How many watts for a power supply needed for this build?

    Intel Core i3-3225 3.4GHz Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H ZOTAC nVidia GeForce GTX560 Ti 1 GB DDR5-ZT-50306-10M WD1003FZEX Corsair Vengeance Blue 8 GB (2X4 GB) PC3-12800 1600mHz I'm kind of new to this, want to save up to build a new computer (budget $550 or less,gaming pc,etc) I have the OS, etc. And...