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  1. S

    Question Do Intel -F Series Chips Physically Lack the iGPU?

    As the title implies, is the iGPU physically absent from the silicon die or is it still there, but defective (failed QA testing for example) and therefore disabled?
  2. xxscienceboyxx

    Question Most durable budget Z390 Mobo

    Hello, I want to make a cheap minecraft bedrock edition server PC, with a i3 9350K CPU. What would be a durable motherboard, that could handle a minecraft server 24/7? Also, would a minecraft server like that need a seperate GPU, or is the CPU's on board one fine? Thanks
  3. M

    Question What do you think I should do if I want to overclock to more ?

    Motherboard:Asrock z370m pro4 , CPU: i3-9350kf . I set in bios the core voltage to 1.34v and 5.1Ghz , but in Windows 10 cpuz showed the voltage is 1.255 when idle , and will increase to about 1.27 when stress testing,sometimes 1.31v I don't know why . What I want to do now is to increase the...
  4. M

    Question Using intel xtu to add voltage ,what will happen if pc crash

    I tried to overclock my i3-9350kf . I set in bios 'cpu core voltage' to 1.34V, but what happend is in wondows 10 cpuz showed it's just 1.255v ,that is much lower than my bios setting . I have set LLC to line 1 (the best of ASrock motherboard ) .SO, trying to use intle xtu to add voltage , will...