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Forum discussion tagged with 9400f.
  1. CuteDagger

    Question is it good to buy i7 9700k now?

    my i5 9400f is not working for streaming ( i know i should have bought ryzen ) but i didnt :), so i play overwatch and my avg fps is about 120 fps ( 90-110 if i have discord on ) even though im not streaming yet, and so i want to fix this problem but the cost on the 9700k is too much should i...
  2. aminAHA

    Question I5-9400f Cpu 100% usage when i play fortnite

    hi, I have the 9400f and rx570, 8gb ram 2666mhz, h310d motherboard. any time that go-to game and after 10 min when I look at the building my fps drop to 50 to 70 and my normal fps is 144 or 160, it is so bad i check everything and i konw my ram can be better but my cpu work on 100% so why? my...
  3. I

    Question 6600k to 9400f

    I am currently using 6600k with a non-k board so I have to choices. get a 9400f build get and OC board with a cooler and OC my processor. What should I go with? Also if I dont oc 6600k, is switching to 9400f is good or not?
  4. P

    Question Which Motherboard should I use for overclocking a 9400f

    So I am about to build a PC. My idea is that I buy an i5-9400F and overclock it, but I am not really familiar whether I have to buy a high-end motherboard to do so or not. Also, what does unlocked and locked CPU mean and how do I unlock a locked one. And, what's a good alternative to the 9400f...
  5. B

    Question 9400F + Z390 speed at gaming < 3900

    I have newly purchased the Asus Z390 and Intel Core i5-9400F with 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 MHz. When I played games like Far Cry 5, Battlefield V and Fortnite, the frequency is only 2970 MHz, is that because I have not updated the BIOS? I saw everyone is getting 3905 MHz!!