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  1. F

    [SOLVED] How to go about starting an overclock?

    Hi i have the MSI gtx 960 4gb oc, https://www.amazon.com/MSI-GTX-960-OC-4GD5T/dp/B011S6GUCQ , and i’m wondering if anyone else has had this card and what’s a good like medium overclock, nothing to heavy as i’m brand new to overclocking. Or if there’s a guide on how to overclock if someone could...
  2. Tybszka

    [SOLVED] Do two different video cards consume the same power on the same settings in games?

    Hello, I have just bought a new gpu, a Rx 580 8gb nitro+, before I had a gtx 960 4gb. I have an issue, whenever I try to play games even on the same settings as I did with my old card, the pc restarts. I think the issue might be with my psu, as it is and old one and "only" 550W. I have tested...
  3. [SOLVED] 960 SLI problems.

    Both GPU's are connected to the PC, as well as they're both shown in Device Manager. Although one of the GPU's is hidden, as well as it says it's "Not connected" when it most definitely is. I've re-seated the cards multiple times, flipped the cards between slots, played with the SLI bridge...
  4. B

    Question Low CPU speed while gaming.

    Hello guys, Just joined this forum because I am frustrated with my system. I'm going to list my CPU and GPU below before I get into the problem. I am currently running: i5 - 4690K (Cooler Stock) GTX 960. So, the problem that I've been having is that whenever I play games such as BF4, APEX...
  5. M

    Question Asus Strix 960 4GB OC Overclock

    Hello, i just purchased asus 960 and i would like it to overclock but i cant find nothing. All overclocks are for 2GB I would like to ask for a help please Greetings
  6. BlueLegion

    Question Cpu not beeping/booting while GPU 960 is inserted

    Specs: Amd Fx 6100 - 6core processor 8gb Ram ddr3 Gtx 960 4gb ddr5 mobo : asus m5 a78L-mLx-v2 Computer worked absolutely fine till last night i.e 16th feb 2019 with normal shutdown. When i turned on today it failed to boot. Later after many try & error found its ok to boot without GPU inserted...
  7. B

    USB Boot Trouble

    Hello all, After trying to overclock my AMD Phenom II x6 1090T by changing the cpu clock ratio (just this ratio), my computer got the boot bcd error. After this happened, I downloaded the Easyre.iso file that supposedly fixes windows problems on my friends Macbook and burned it on to the usb...