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  1. F

    Question Help with OC 9600k+z370 gaming plus

    My board xmp not working when i try it, push me to make it default. therefore I think my board have some issue or psu? correctly if I use my gaming boost it voltages hitting 1.38+ kindly help me do the OC manually so I have my pc stable, since i'm new in this also do CPU auto restart if the...
  2. L

    Question My $3000 pc doesn’t feel snappy and almost sluggish like it can’t keep up with basic tasks.

    I can’t figure out what’s up with my pc. It’s feels almost as if there is a serious delay between performing an action and it actually happening. Any suggestions? My pc parts are: I5 9600k @4.8 ghz Rtx 2080 aorus water force Aorus z390 Coolermaster rgb aio cpu cooler Corsair vengeance...
  3. Question Matx case airflow/cooling

    Hey everybody, Wanted to have an opinion of my current airflow setup on a Matx case. Also it's an upside down MoBo case. Case in question is BitFenix Prodigy M https://www.bitfenix.com/products/chassis/micro-atx/prodigy-m/ So basically the PSU is drawing cool air for itself from the front and...
  4. D

    Question <solved> Extremely high tempratures on expensive PC

    So I've had my current build for about 5 months now and I seem to be having trouble with general tempratures of my system, I am running a Gigabyte Windforce GTX 1070 TI & I5 9600k, yet I am getting tempratures in excess of 80c without overclocking, at the same time as using a Cooler Master...
  5. Tanyac

    Question 9600K replacement for 6800K

    My son is a gamer and also designs games using the unreal engine. He does some Photoshop work and after affects stuff and uses the Red Giant Trap code suite. Some video encoding, streaming of games he's playing, watching movies and browsing. He also still uses Adobe flash. His I7-6800K CPU is 6...
  6. F

    Question Cooling Overclocked - i5 9600k

    I'm a first time PC builder and was wondering what a good cooler for an i5 9600k would be. I often run long operations through Adobe products (LR, PS, PR) and CaptureOne and am hoping to have a constant overclock of 4.6ghz without exceeding 75C. I've heard many great things about Noctua...
  7. bryangraph

    Question Ryzen 5 2600, i5 8600K or i5 9600K

    Hello guys, im planning to upgrade my pc, i have a 144Hz 1080p monitor, an MSI GTX 1070 Ti and i want to buy one of these processors: Ryzen 5 2600 i5 8600K i5 9600K I'm considering the 2600 because is cheaper but i don't know if the 2600 is enough for 1080p 144Hz gaming
  8. S

    [SOLVED] I would like opinions on this build.

    First let me state. I don't want AMD anything. Also I don't buy into high frequency ram for better gaming. If you have suggestions. Please it be only intel and nothing higher than 2666 ram. I am trying for a build that would play most games of today on highest or close to highest settings. Is...