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  1. LORYT699

    [SOLVED] core vs ring ratio

    Hi, The question is: For gaming is better have increase cpu ratio or ring(cache) ratio?Does ring ratio actual give some visible benefits? I have an i5 9600k at 4.5(actually I m about to bring it to 4.6 he can cause I tried it)(is at all core btw, I don t know why my mobo do not save oc for each...
  2. W

    [SOLVED] 3070 Ti Upgrade

    Hiya All, I recently managed to snag a bargain on a 3070 Ti, given the climate I jumped on it. I'm currently running: 9600k clocked to 4.8 AsRock extreme 4 z390. 16 gig DDR4 RipJaw 3333 Coolermaster 650 80+ Bronze Nvidia 1660 Super (Being Replaced by the 3070 Ti). I mainly VR Game (Elite...
  3. D

    [SOLVED] Need Help deciding on CPU and GPU upgrade

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone has any opinions on my bulid ill list the pc part picker link everything listed as purchased i already have but now i am trying to decide which GPU and CPU to buy as i need an improvement my current ones are RX 570 4GB and Intel i3-9100f, currently i think im...
  4. soldier5637

    [SOLVED] Best CPU upgrade for my GF

    Hey everyone So I want to start off by saying i'm fully expecting to get slaughtered by AMD fan boys (I have a 3600X myself, I get it) but I'm leaning towards suggesting my GF put her money towards a 9600K tomorrow as its $70 off and delivers better gaming performance than an AMD counterpart in...
  5. G

    [SOLVED] My 9600K was stable and now it is not

    I have a kraken x62 cooler and my 9600k at 5.0ghz 1.4v, it ran without a problem for two days, then, during a skyrim session, it randomly blue screened. I was scared I had degraded the chip, but then I remembered how my Realbench test was just barely passing with a 15 minute test. So I backed my...
  6. Arthuritease

    [SOLVED] My Mobo may be haunted..

    Hey guys, I'm sorry if this isn't the place, or that someone has already asked and gotten an answer for my question but - My PC keeps doing this at startup like the picture shows. I know this page shows up when you restore the system values (Reset BIOS, right?) but the thing is I have never...
  7. T

    Question Very high temperatures with coolermaster ml240l.

    Hi, so I currently have a coolermaster ml240l AIO cooling my 9600k which is at stock clock speed with turbo boost on. I have a 240mm radiator with two bequiet silent wing 3 fans on it. I replaced the fans in an attempt to cool the system but it did not work. I am currently idling around the mid...
  8. kyle2kxx

    Question GTX 1080 awful FPS

    Hello all, I have an issue with either 1 of the following. GPU PSU Asus drivers. Specs: PSU: Corsair RM650x (using corsairs "premium cables" for CPU, 24 pin and PCI-E CPU 9600k (was 7700k) RAM: TridentZ RGB 16GB (was Corsair LPX 16GB) Motherboard: Asus z390-E (Was Asus z270-F) GPU: Asus ROG...
  9. M

    [SOLVED] New MOBO and CPU, strange BIOS issues.

    Okay, so recently I purchased a new motherboard (ROG Strix Z390-F) and CPU (i5-9600k) to upgrade my computer. I got round to building it the other weekend and since then have had some strange issues occurring. It started when my computer crashed to the blue screen twice in a day, firstly to...
  10. T

    [SOLVED] Upgrade from 9600k to 9700k

    Hi there, Was wondering if it is worth upgrading from an i5 9600k to the i7 9700k? I mostly use it for gaming and some video editing. This is paired up with an RTX 2080.
  11. D

    Question Is it worth upgrading from an i5 8500 to a i5 9600kf for gaming

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about upgrading my CPU from an i5 8500 to an i5 9600kf. I'm getting limited in a few CPU intensive games and I'd rather not put that sort of strain on. I understand a lot of people have the opinion that if you're looking into the KF you might as well just get the K...
  12. J

    [SOLVED] Upgrade suggestions

    Is RTX upgrade worth it or should i wait even longer? Also CPU overclock help, Upgrade help, PSU help, BIG PROBLEMS HELP Last month i built a new pc and 85% of the parts i have are new and some i used from my old build. The only thing that is lacking is my GPU and RTX super 2080 i found for 580...
  13. W

    Question 9600k bad luck?

    I have been trying to overclock my 9600k for about 6 hours now and I just cannot push this thing at all. The highest I have gotten the clock speed to was 4.8ghz at 1.4V and it was running at 98°(YIKES) so thats obviously not an option. When I do a lower voltage Prime95 will only run on 4/6 cores...
  14. W

    [SOLVED] PC not shutting down unless power button is held or PC is unplugged

    So when this first started it took about 10 minutes for my computer to turn on which was very strange since it normally takes a maximum of 20 seconds. That night I went to shut it down and it simply wouldn't turn off unless I held the power button. The next day it took around 20 minutes to turn...
  15. S

    Question Best motherboard for i5 9600k?

    Hello I am looking for good mobo for i5 9600k I am not looking to buy some really expensive mobo. Some people recommended me gigabyte z390 gaming x and some did recommend msi z390 gaming plus can anyone tell me which one is better or give me the better option in similar price? Thanks yall
  16. L

    Question What could be my problem?

    So this morning I turned on my 6 month old pc, but instead of booting to windows I got nothing on the monitor. All the lights, fans and cooling pump turn on as normal, but the cpu debug led is solid red. The Msi manual says that it "indicates CPU is not detected or fail." Also the system won't...
  17. B

    Question Am5 cpu investment

    Hey everyone, so the issue is that im not 100% sure that am5 is coming next year with ddr5. So my question is should i just make a build with a 9600k and ddr4 ram now and upgrade to a ryzen 9 4th gen and XX80TI next year (Big boost in income next year). So should i buy ddr4 and a 3600 now and...
  18. L

    Question This is so frustrating. I’ve had a new pc for months and fortnite still feels really unresponsive and delayed.

    I can’t play fortnite because everything I do feels so delayed. Like there’s a frame time issue but in other games that are even more cpu intensive my game feels super fricken smooth. I just need answers at this point it’s been literally 6 months that I’ve had this piece of garbage pc. It’s so...
  19. S

    [SOLVED] PSU enough for GTX 1080 TI with CPU overclocked

    I am looking to buy a used 1080 TI and was wondering if my EVGA G2 650w going to be enough since that card seems to be overclocked out of the box. Will I be able to run that GPU with my CPU overclocked to 5ghz at >1.35v using the power supply? PC specs: CPU: i5 9600k Graphics card: Zotac GTX...
  20. U

    Question intel 7th gen vs 9th gen ipc uplift ?

    Is there any difference between 7700k and 9600k in single thread performance if oced to the same frequency and no ht, are the any advantages in ipc for the 9th gen there with single core ? Thanks
  21. G

    [SOLVED] Is 9600k overclock worth it?

    According to userbenchmarks, the 9600k overclocked close to matches the performance of the 9900k which is apparently the most powerful CPU today? How much does this card live up to these boasts? Or am I just better off getting a Ryzen 5 for a similar price? I'm a streamer so the "computer...
  22. G

    Question Should I upgrade PSU

    If I wanted to overclock a 9600k with maybe a 1660 ti. Should I consider getting another PSU? Currently I am using an 750w (80 Plus Bronze) EVGA Supernova nex750b. Also, should I still upgrade if I consider on getting a Ryzen 5 or 7 instead and not overclock? (Note: I am actually using an FX...
  23. M

    Question 9600k vs 3600, which FEELS quicker?

    Hi, I'm in the same boat as a lot of others here for sure, but cannot decide between AMD or Intel for a new build. I'm not much of a gamer tbh so I'm more keen on knowing which CPU feels snappier in everyday desktop, web-browsing, office app use (for example). I've seen numerous vids and read...
  24. F

    Question Help with OC 9600k+z370 gaming plus

    My board xmp not working when i try it, push me to make it default. therefore I think my board have some issue or psu? correctly if I use my gaming boost it voltages hitting 1.38+ kindly help me do the OC manually so I have my pc stable, since i'm new in this also do CPU auto restart if the...
  25. L

    Question My $3000 pc doesn’t feel snappy and almost sluggish like it can’t keep up with basic tasks.

    I can’t figure out what’s up with my pc. It’s feels almost as if there is a serious delay between performing an action and it actually happening. Any suggestions? My pc parts are: I5 9600k @4.8 ghz Rtx 2080 aorus water force Aorus z390 Coolermaster rgb aio cpu cooler Corsair vengeance...
  26. D

    Question <solved> Extremely high tempratures on expensive PC

    So I've had my current build for about 5 months now and I seem to be having trouble with general tempratures of my system, I am running a Gigabyte Windforce GTX 1070 TI & I5 9600k, yet I am getting tempratures in excess of 80c without overclocking, at the same time as using a Cooler Master...
  27. Tanyac

    Question 9600K replacement for 6800K

    My son is a gamer and also designs games using the unreal engine. He does some Photoshop work and after affects stuff and uses the Red Giant Trap code suite. Some video encoding, streaming of games he's playing, watching movies and browsing. He also still uses Adobe flash. His I7-6800K CPU is 6...
  28. F

    Question Cooling Overclocked - i5 9600k

    I'm a first time PC builder and was wondering what a good cooler for an i5 9600k would be. I often run long operations through Adobe products (LR, PS, PR) and CaptureOne and am hoping to have a constant overclock of 4.6ghz without exceeding 75C. I've heard many great things about Noctua...
  29. bryangraph

    Question Ryzen 5 2600, i5 8600K or i5 9600K

    Hello guys, im planning to upgrade my pc, i have a 144Hz 1080p monitor, an MSI GTX 1070 Ti and i want to buy one of these processors: Ryzen 5 2600 i5 8600K i5 9600K I'm considering the 2600 because is cheaper but i don't know if the 2600 is enough for 1080p 144Hz gaming
  30. S

    [SOLVED] I would like opinions on this build.

    First let me state. I don't want AMD anything. Also I don't buy into high frequency ram for better gaming. If you have suggestions. Please it be only intel and nothing higher than 2666 ram. I am trying for a build that would play most games of today on highest or close to highest settings. Is...