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  1. Question Hardware or Driver ? GPU error code 43.

    After 1 week of searching the web i still can't fix this GPU error code 43. I have seen people fix it with DDU + Older drivers but i have tried everything, yet can't come to conclusion weather my GPU is dead or its just another windows/nvidia/driver issue. I would stop trying to fix it if there...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] Confused in gpu

    Please tell me can i go with RTX 2070 or i wait for new amd gpu and one more thing which RTX card is best gigabyte aorus RTX 2070 xtreme or msi RTX 2070 gaming z . Can I run RTX 2070 in i5 9600K without bottleneck .
  3. H

    [SOLVED] g402 logitech mouse stutter in game

    So for some reason I hope to find out my mouse stutters in black ops 4 multiplayer and this isn't rare it happens every 2 seconds I don't know why but when I'm out of the game or in the menu it doesn't stutter I have a logitech g402 and a 1080gtx with an i7700 if that helps
  4. T

    Buying a new pc, are these components decent?

    Hey guys, I'm about to buy a new gaming PC from a smaller company that has dropped a lot of their prices. Obviously, I know the quality might not be the best ever since they have to fight against the big companies their prices, but I have a feeling a few of these components might create a...
  5. L

    What processors does my motherboard support?

    Hi! I am a bit new to this whole pc thing, and I would like to know. What processors does my motherborard support? My motherbord is 760gma p34. If you find anything all help would be appreciated. Also what CPU would you recommend? With my setup I have a 1050ti and an amd fx6300. I think my CPU...
  6. F

    Dell Optiplex 780 305W (I'll Explain)

    I just got: Load Wattage: 250 W Recommended PSU Wattage: 300 W From PSU Calculator from OuterVision Can i use my Dell Optiplex 780's PSU 305W while load wattage was 250W and Recommended PSU Wattage was 300W? Sorry for my bad English. Here's more detail: (https://outervision.com/b/y2Rnrr...
  7. O

    £650 gaming pc build

    Hey guys I am going to buy anything pc for £650 - I do not want to build it myself so I would like some recommendations on which build to get for the best price.. I want to play warhammer total war, rising storm 2, squad , player unknown battlegrounds etc. Preferably running smoothest on the...
  8. D

    Will this HD 7770 fit in my motherboard?

    (before anyone ask, it is a brazillian brand. Its the cheapest I could find around here.) As you can see, the cooler is a bit big, and I'm afraid that it doesn't fit in my mobo. here is my PCI-e slot. If anyone needs another picture from another angle, please tell me. Mobo is a ECS H61H2-M2
  9. S

    pxe-e61 media test failure

    I was trying to convert dynamic disk to basic using partion wizard , but when the system restarted it displayed PXE-E61 media test failure check cable no boot device found
  10. M

    Is this build good ?

    Hi ! I was thinking about building new pc and wanted to ask you guys if you would change anything. I plan to buy SSD and another 8 GB memory later, and im not sure if 1x16 GB wouldnt be better. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/wYG3sJ
  11. X

    Case standoffs help

    Can i just put all the standoffs in the case or will it mess up something. And if someone could give me a video tutorial for this thanks.
  12. M

    1070 dp to hdmi not working on 3rd monitor

    i have 3 benq GL2460 monitors, middle one is hooked with dvi, right is hooked with hdmi, and left is hdmi to DP all connected to asus 1070 founders edition, both middle and right monitors work fine but left wont, ive bought a brand new cord of high quality for hdmi to displayport but it still...
  13. G

    Mouse Lag / Stutters

    I really need an answer on this. Im having terrible mouse lag in any game i play. this literally just started happening to me when everything was fine. My specs: Amd fx-8350, Msi 970 gaming, Hyper 212 evo, Hyper x fury 8gb, Msi R9 390 gaming 8g, and a corsair rm 650. My mouse is a corsair raptor...
  14. D

    My new GTX 1070 is not being detected by the motherboard.

    Hello, so I finally decided to upgrade my graphics card from my old 560ti to GTX 1070 (this one, to be specific http://www.gigabyte.us/products/product-page.aspx?pid=5916#kf ), but after I connected it to the PSU and the motherboard (checked multiple times if it's connected properly), I started...
  15. C

    PC occasionally freezes after installing new RAM

    I used to have 8 (2x4) GBs of RAM but Google Chrome was taking up too much so I decided to get 8 (2x4) GBs more. I'm almost 100% sure I got the same RAM, but the old 8 GBs are around 2 years old. Ever since I installed the new RAM I've been getting random freezing. I have tried slightly...
  16. GamerLackingKnowledge

    Question about GTX 1080 comparability

    Hey guys, I realise its early days, though someone with technical understanding might have some insight. Could someone give me a heads up with some questions: 1. Is there going to be a bottleneck issue with my Z97-A or i5-4690k if I get a GTX 1080? 2. When I install a GTX 1080, should I keep...
  17. P

    PS4 VGA to HDMI connection not working

    So I have a Philips 193v5lsb2/62 18.5" monitor that I'm trying to connect my PS4 to. I bought a VGA to HDMI converter and connected everything. However, the message 'Attention, check cable connection' kept popping up. I've tried turning off HDCP, lowering the resolution to 480p and going into...
  18. L

    After ram installation computer keeps restarting

    So I decided it was time to get some new ram so I got two new hyperX fury dimms (both 4gb), these are both exactly the same as the ram I had before. After booting the system after two seconds it would restart. Can someone help me fix this issue? i7 4790k 8 gb ddr3 ram hyperX fury Corsair 550...