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  1. C

    Question Don't know if this is the right area but after installing new CPU, my pc keeps saying reboot and select proper boot device.

    Title. I 100% know the right drive is my 970 EVO but when I make that first in boot order, it gives me the reboot and choose different drive error. Even with I boot override it gives me errors. I have no idea what to do besides to wipe my 970 and reinstall windows?
  2. J

    [SOLVED] Is a Samsung 970 EVO compatible with an ASUS 7170-P motherboard?

    I'm planning to get a Samsung 970 EVO but am not sure it would be compatible with my motherboard, an ASUS 7170-P. Thanks for your help :)
  3. twgamerbuilder

    [SOLVED] Samsung 970 EVO not showing in BIOS

    I just rebuilt my computer to clean it, same parts, nothing has changed. It was working fine beforehand. I have it all set up and turn it on and my 970 evo isn't being recognized by the bios. It's my boot drive and has a lot of valuable data on it. No info anywhere in the bios on it. I tried...
  4. Question Low Write speed on 970 Evo M.2 NVMe

    Hey everyone I got my Samsung 970 Evo 500GB M.2 NVMe (3.0 gen) about a month ago it perform really good with everything, boot time, everything except the speed is SLOW on moving/copying files between the same SSD disks. I see the moving files speed window goes to 500MB/sec on average, it don't...
  5. M

    Question Samsung 970 EVO Slow Read Speeds

    Hi Can someone help me understand why my Samsung SSD 970 EVO is showing such slow read and write speeds compared to what was advertised? https://ibb.co/0Z9xC1N
  6. A

    [SOLVED] Samsung 970 Evo vs 970 Evo Plus vs 970 Pro

    I'm looking at Samsung's offerings for m.2 SSDs, and they seem to have three tiers for their 970 series. What is the performance/durability difference between the 970 Evo, 970 Evo Plus, and the 970 Pro? Is the price difference between these models justifiable? Thanks!
  7. P

    [SOLVED] 970 Evo m.2 running slower than normal (according to Userbenchmark)

    All of my components are running great and are in the 80th percentile or above except this SSD (Samsung 970 Evo) which is in the 27th percentile or according to user benchmark has a score of around 286% compared to normal of 301%. Just wondering if its jus a weird benchmark, or if there are any...
  8. mrcstalgic

    [SOLVED] DIMM.2, RAID 0 with *2* M.2 Samsung 970 Evo 500GB SSDs?

    I've got a ROG Rampage VI Extreme Encore Motherboard with a DIMM.2 Card, and 2 M.2 SSDs from Samsung . Im wondering if I could connect 2 M.2s to the DIMM.2 Card's slots and run those in RAID 0 as a bootable device? I tried looking it up but people were saying that you would need VROC which I...
  9. P


    Ok basically I’ve been looking around and I cannot solve my problem. The BIOS recognises my SamsungNvme 970 evo 1TB M.2 drive but everytime I try to install windows it won’t let me. I got as far as installing files where it failed. Now I just can’t install as it won’t let me format the drive and...
  10. DCNOS18

    [SOLVED] PC wont let me boot to new SSD after cloning

    Hello all, haven't posted in a while since usually am able to figure these types of things on my own, yet this has me stumped. So, I recently cloned my 500 gb 960 evo to a 1TB 970 EVO using a pcie NVME adapter, and got the new one working fine. However, I want to try to format the old one so i...
  11. YasinHasan

    [SOLVED] Cloned ssd, got error: reboot and select proper boot device

    I upgraded from 960 evo to 970 evo ssd. cloned it with Macrium Reflect. when I put the new ssd higher on boot sequence I get this error: reboot and select proper boot device. couldnt fix it anyway. one thing i noticed my first boot device is set to Windows boot manager. If I disable 'Windows...
  12. M

    [SOLVED] Can I boot from 970 EVO PCI-e on this pc?

    How can I determine if the 970 Evo will work on my Essentio CM6730? It has these pcie slots 2 x PCI-e x 1 1 x PCI-e x 16 Is that sufficient for the SSD speeds? Are there options I need to be able to configure in the BIOS? I've never considered a pci-e SSD before.
  13. Y

    [SOLVED] Choosing a SSD for an old timer

    Hi. I have an 5-6 years old pc and used it with a HDD in that time. I wanna hook up a SSD for the first time but im confused. I was thinking about getting a Samsung 970 Pro or Evo, the fastest ones, but then i read its not compatible with my mobo. I have an MSI Z97 Gaming 3 motherboard and i...
  14. ioannis2015v

    [SOLVED] Samsung 970 Evo vs 970 Pro

    Hello, I am planning to build a Gaming PC and I had decided to buy as SSD, the NVME samsung 970 evo 500Gb which costs in my country 140€. But, these days I saw that the 970 Pro 512Gb costs 145€ only. So isn't it worth paying 5€ or even 15€ for buying the 970 Pro. Isn't it faster??? Please help...
  15. A

    Question 20-30 minutes boot up times

    So I upgraded my PC about a year ago and a couple of months after upgrading my pc, i decided to turn on BIOS fast boot (not that I had issues with slow loading times, but figured why not). After turning this on, my load times (not bios, and not windows, but in between those two) spiked to 20-30...
  16. A

    Question Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB M.2 NVMe slow Read and Write speeds Issues

    Specs are: CPU: Intel i5-6500 Motherboard: Asus b150 pro gaming aura Ram: 16 GB Avexier DDR4 2133 MHZ SSD/HDD: Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe PCIe M.2 500 GB GPU: Intel HD 630 PSU: Antec vp 550 Chassis: Coolermaster mastebox lite 5 OS: Windows 10 64-bit I just updated the BIOS to the latest version...
  17. C

    [SOLVED] Should I get an NVMe drive?

    Hi there, I recently got my hands on a Samsung 970 PRO 512GB. It's not mine though, so I'll only have it for a few days. During this time, I was able to run a few tests to see how fast it is. Due to my motherboard being limited to a single M.2 PCIe 2.0 x2 slot, the drive is way slower than it...