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    Question Do Intel -F Series Chips Physically Lack the iGPU?

    As the title implies, is the iGPU physically absent from the silicon die or is it still there, but defective (failed QA testing for example) and therefore disabled?
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    [SOLVED] Installed new 9700F with a gpu and display is not working

    Hi I installed a new 9700f and I also have a radeon 580rx installed But when I turn on my pc, there is no display available Am I forgetting something?
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    [SOLVED] are 9400f enough for 1080p 240Hz?

    last week i get a B365M mobo, 2666 2x8 RAM, 512gb SSD and 240Hz monitor from online shoping "lucky draw" in my country and im planned to get 9400F + 2060 Super for $614 or i should get 9700F + cooling for additional $247 i only play competitive and some local popular games in my country. Every...