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Forum discussion tagged with 9700K.
  1. Morning4231

    Question i7-9700k White stuff on back side

    So I have been experiencing variety of issues with my pc. Built a new one in April. Today my new mobo arrived and when I took out the cpu I saw this stuff on the backside. I dont think it's the paste since none if the sides have any on them. Any idea what this is? Do I need to rma View...
  2. Emma92

    Question i7 9700k, are this temps right?

    I saw on different forums some people calming that their 9700k runs iddle 30c and gaming 50c with different air cooling/corsair water cooling...... at 5.0ghz I have it running with a H100i and the results are the followings: OC 5.0 1.325V iddle 44 gaming 64-71 stress 70-82 Non OC iddle 38...
  3. G

    Question What build would you choose (RTX 2080 / Ryzen 3700X vs RTX 2070 / 9700K)

    I'm building a gaming PC for one of my friends his budget is $1500. Originally I was going to go the RTX 2080 and Ryzen 3700X route. However, he does a lot of video editing and streaming and brought up to me that he would prefer having a i7. My question is what would be a better experience a...
  4. M

    Question endless reboot cycle at 5GHz

    Specs: CPU: 9700k mobo: Z390 AORUS PRO bios version: F12d cooler: Kraken x62 stress test used: Prime95 (Small FFTs) I have never been able to reach a stable clock of 5GHz. I received the board yesterday and spent an hour or so on the F11 bios trying to reach a stable 5GHz with any voltage up...
  5. CuteDagger

    Question is it good to buy i7 9700k now?

    my i5 9400f is not working for streaming ( i know i should have bought ryzen ) but i didnt :), so i play overwatch and my avg fps is about 120 fps ( 90-110 if i have discord on ) even though im not streaming yet, and so i want to fix this problem but the cost on the 9700k is too much should i...
  6. Dakedravis

    Question HELP: Overclocking 9700K w/ Z390-E

    I've never actually bothered with overclocking in the past, but from what I've read in order to enable XMP and have my RAM run at its advertised speeds I have to in order to achieve that. If I enable XMP 1 or 2 in the bios, setting the RAM to 3200 MHz, my computer crashes. It is currently...
  7. Bjzor

    Question i9700k - 5ghz tuning help request

    Hi all, I'd like to ask for your expertise to tune my overclock settings, I am only using the PC for gaming and to stream (+10% CPU usage) with it which I am trying to optimize for. I have watched the youtube guide and managed to set as per below. Spec: i7 9700k Asus TUF Z390M-Pro Gaming...
  8. aledenadaiifx

    Question GBP for dual monitor 2560x1440

    Hi guys, recently I decided to build another custom pc and I was wondering which GPU I should choose in order to run games smoothly on a dual monitor setup. As for the monitors I would go for the dell P2418D, CPU will be a intel i7-9700K. I mostly use my pc for Photoshop, Heavy premiere pro...
  9. Emma92

    [SOLVED] 9700K OC @ 5.0 and AVX issue: clock speeds up and down all the time

    I have OCd a 9700K to 5Ghz (AIO H100) with and without AVX, this are the best stable settings I could get. Without AVX; 1.31v LLC 6 With AVX -2: 1.34v LLC 6 (Max LLC is 7) With AVX I could not pass the stress test...but I do not care since I just use the PC to play games, and now I can play...
  10. T

    Question Upgrade from 9600k to 9700k

    Hi there, Was wondering if it is worth upgrading from an i5 9600k to the i7 9700k? I mostly use it for gaming and some video editing. This is paired up with an RTX 2080.
  11. V

    Question Corsair One Elite CPU upgrade?

    I recently purchased a Corsair One Elite, running the 8700K. I have also had an offer for a very very reasonably priced 9700K, so reasonably priced that I would be able to sell the 8700K, used and be in profit so I very intrestd in possibly switching out the 8700K to the 9700K, enjoying the...
  12. Lobster_Clawz

    Question ASRock Z390M Pro4 garbage vrm heatsink

    Well guys I messed up and jumped on a quick deal with Newegg for a 9700k ASRock Z390M pro 4 motherboard combo without doing any research. I knew the board was low end and is only meant to hold me over a few months until I buy a high end board but I had no idea the VRM heatsink was so terrible...
  13. A

    Question If voltage doesn't drop at idle with adaptive offset, then might as well use (better) manual voltage?

    Hi, my adaptive offset voltages stick to around 1.2V at idle, according to to my board's VR VOUT readings. With that in mind, I might as well just use a manual voltage setting, because I can potentially get a stable overclock with a lower voltage and better CPU temps, right? The only reason I...
  14. S

    Question Windows refuses to boot with both ram sticks in

    i7 9700k -- Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master -- Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 2x8GB 3600MHz -- EVGA GTX 1070 ACX 3.0 SC -- Gigabyte G750H PSU -- WD Black 500gb NVMe M.2 SSD Issue: I just put together my new setup over the weekend, new mobo, cpu, ram, psu and boot drive (NVMe M.2 SSD). Unfortunately, I...
  15. G

    [SOLVED] Games and ONLY games are crashing to desktop and BSOD

    Games, specifically high end ones that are getting my gpu working, but not completely pinned so around 50% usage on an RTX 2080. Easy games like unmodded minecraft or 2d are no issue at all. The issue is ESPECIALLY present in VR titles as they work my computer the most. I have a 9700K, RTX2080...
  16. P

    Question PC restarts on Balanced power plan

    Hi, Recently I saw that when I'm using a Balanced Power Plan my PC restarts by itself when idle. There is no blue screen, no crash information - it looks like it is just loosing power and that's why it is restarting. It is nor happening when gaming/browsing internet and it is not occuring in...
  17. F

    Question i7 9700k with msi 1660 ti gaming x

    Main purpose content creation. does this combination bottleneck? other option: ryzen 3700x but confused about thermal issues. ram: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 8GB DDR4 3200MHz x2 mobo: MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Plus CPU cooler: cryorig h7 quad Lumi power supply: Antec High Current Gamer Gold Series...
  18. AwAkEn-

    Question I7-9700k at 100% CPU Usage In games

    Hello, I recently built my new pc: CPU: Intel Core i9-9700k Graphics Card: EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti XC GAMING Motherboard: ASUS Prime Z390-A RAM:G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 GB DDR4-3000 PSU:Corsair CXM 750 W I’ve been streaming on twitch, I also would like to note that I OC my cpu to 5.0 GHz, and...
  19. FaithOnHuman

    Question CPU FAN vs CPU OPT

    hey, i was having an issue with my 9700K and 212Evo, in small tasks the temps of 9700k is around 50-55C, i checked the bios and the cpu fan is mistakenly connected to cpu opt... maybe that's the reason i get those temps? Any ideas? FYI. I know the temps are ok, I am just an obsessed freak ♥
  20. FaithOnHuman

    [SOLVED] Confused: In load CPU runs Cooler?

    Hey, I am sooo confused! I have a 9700k on a Gigabyte Aorus Motherboard, cooled by a 212 Evo. When I am browsing the web the temps are quite high 50-55C, in full load AIDA64 the temps went up to 70-78C. In regular loads e.g. editing, or in after effects the temps are about 45-50. HOW is this...