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  1. R

    Wich internet speed is better for gaming cafe

    Hi , what is the best internet plan for a gaming cafe consist of 10 client pc and 1 is the server , i want to give the server the internet and split it to the 10 pcs , the internet plans here are 1 mb , 2 , 3,4 ,6. Wich one for playing online games like dota 2 and LOL. And it is a good idea to...
  2. R

    How do you get use the rebate from microcenter?

    I have never used a rebate before, i want to buy the rx 480 and found that the Strix rx 480 was the cheapest one including the rebate. Strix rx 480: http://www.microcenter.com/product/468337/Radeon_RX_480_ROG_STRIX_Overclocked_8GB_GDDR5_Video_Card Please tell me how the rebate works i have no idea
  3. G

    Questions about OS and mobo change

    Hello, So im upgrading my brothers pc with a new mobo, cpu and ram. Atm he has windows 7 on his pc but hes changing to windows 10. My question is do i have to uninstall/delete anyhting from the HDD (he only has 1)? Or is it just a matter of installing the parts and install windows 10? Or is...
  4. akarsh dixit

    Building a gaming pc for $1500(around inr.1,00,000)

    I am planning to enter PC gaming with a solid $1000-$1500 built, I live in India so it will be around Rs.100,000. I want a PC that can handle whatever I throw at it, VR ready and 1440p if possible. I had a hard time searching for components but there are so many options so it will be great if...
  5. Robert Cook

    NRG file to MP4 why is this such a pain...

    Hello everyone, as always, when I post a thread it is something obscure, today it is video codecs giving me a headache. I LEGALLY got my hand on an old recording of a Liszt piano concert that used to be on VCR and now is stored as a NRG file. The problem is, I cannot open this file with...
  6. Jack_paric

    Molex compatibility with motherboard

    Ok so I wanna build a new PC but the thing is that the case hase already installed some molex fans, and I don't know if my motherboard will suport them: I don't wanna buy adapters and I don't wanna plug them straith into the PSU. Should I look for a different case or should I buy new fans and...
  7. Z

    GTX 760 2GB no signal to display and not detected, but fan runs

    I need help figuring out if this GPU really is dead. My friend had an issue with his GPU(GTX 760 2GB). He said his display said "No signal" and the GPU was blowing really hot air out of the back vent, but he never troubleshooted the problem before replacing it with a new GPU and PSU. After...
  8. A

    6 pin to 8 pin adapter safe for my situation?

    Hi I would like to know whether it is safe to use a 6 pin to 8 pin adapter to run a sapphire nitro rx 470 4gb(or any rx 470 with 8 pin connection)..? My psu is umax 600w..it has a single 6 pin connector with 3 yellow wires and 3 ground wires.. (black) My cpu is i3 3210 which uses only 55w.. I...
  9. R

    Blown solder point on board, CF error on mobo display

    Hi guys, long time follower first time poster. I recently saved enough to get myself a corsair cooler and a new case. After plugging everything in, checking my spacers, my cable connections, and my seatings twice, I turned my rig on to watch a solder point light up like a Christmas tree. It...
  10. Crashman

    ASRock Z270 SuperCarrier 4-Way SLI ATX Motherboard Review

    With 5 Gb/s Ethernet, dual Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, triple M.2, and even 10 SATA ports, is ASRock’s fully-loaded SuperCarrier the ultimate value in Kaby Lake compatible motherboards? ASRock Z270 SuperCarrier 4-Way SLI ATX Motherboard Review : Read more
  11. VeanBean

    Framerate trouble with every game.

    I've just built a new gaming PC with the following specs: Windows 10 Pro (64) Intel Core i5-6600K AMD Radeon RX-480 500GB Samsung SSD 16GB G.Skill RAM Corsair H100i v2 Liquid Cooling Asus z170i Pro Gaming Motherboard EVGA Supernova P2 80+ Platinum However, when I launch seemingly any game I...
  12. D

    2017 best video editing software under £100?

    Hi folks, What software would you recommend for beginner-intermediate use for under £100? At the moment, I'm leaning towards one of the following: Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00HRQB108/ref=twister_B00OFMH3QI?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 CyberLink PowerDirector 15 Ultra...
  13. kcarbotte

    Second Oculus Software Update (1.12) Is Out, Improves Tracking, Introduces New Features

    Oculus rolled out version 1.12 of the Oculus software. The new build addresses tracking issues that version 1.11 introduced, improves the user experience, and adds an audio mirroring option. Second Oculus Software Update (1.12) Is Out, Improves Tracking, Introduces New Features : Read more
  14. U

    If i reformat my harddrive will my win10 digital liscense still work

    So, I have some issues with my OS, want to reformat and do a clean install of the OS and go from there. Only problem is, my OS is Windows 10 and I got it from the free upgrade thing so I don't have a product key. I know my windows 7 key won't work, so I'm hoping this is possible and I won't have...
  15. spiffnme

    PC build with Thunderbolt 3

    I need to build a powerful workstation that includes the ability to attach a thunderbolt 3 attached RAID. I need dual (or quad) cpu sockets and the ability to add two (or three) video cards in a SLI (or crossfire) configuration. Does this motherboard even exist?
  16. D

    Logitech z506 Which cords go where?

    There are 3 cords grean (G), Black (B), and Orange (O). I have them arranged in: G B O Which cord controls which speakers? Its driving me crazy because my board supports up to 7.1 but the manual and the help online do not specify which inputs go to which speakes so I have no idea where to...
  17. R

    How should I go about selling my HP Envy?

    A few weeks ago, my HP Envy 15t-ae100 stopped booting. I'm pretty sure that the hard drive is faulty or something, but I'm thinking of selling it and getting a new laptop instead. I really only need one for school thats decently fast and portable. Should I try and get this one repaired, or...
  18. JoeTProsser

    R9 390 current driver?

    Hello there I'm really not sure of what the current drivers are for R9 390. I downloaded the 17.11 the other day, but now for some reason my PC has gone back to "16.50.2011-161223a-310011C" ???? It seems like it's a really old driver or something and that I don't have the correct update or...
  19. G

    looking to build first gaming pc

    thinking of using intel core i32120 processor latest 2nd generation 1tb hdd 8gb ddr3 ram what motherboard and graphics card should i get and any other parts let me know thanks
  20. sbuster0922

    98% Ram Usage while idle

    I just completely restored my computer with Windows 10 so I would have a fresh computer for my new graphics card coming today and my new cpu coming tomorrow. Well while the computer is idling, in task manager it shows 98-100% Ram usage. Again the computer is completely fresh. I have 16Gb of...