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  1. N

    Alternative for 850 evo? recommend pls

    i was planning to buy 250gb samsung 850 evo ssd but kinda want to save some money for other upgrades... can someone recommend me an alternative for 850 evo? im actually planning to buy 120gb ssd's now instead of 250gb ssd's cause im only using it for my Os.. i want to save money but also buying...
  2. S

    At WinHEC, The Next Chapter Of Wintel VR Unfolds

    At WinHEC, the next chapter of Wintel VR unfolds in a mess of ideas, ethos, and things. At WinHEC, The Next Chapter Of Wintel VR Unfolds : Read more
  3. J

    Which one should I buy ?

    So ... i have to choose between : GTX 1050 , AMD FX 6300 ( can overlock to 4 ghz ) 8 GB RAM. and GTX 750 , I5 4460 and 8 GB RAM Which one is better in terms of gaming ? Both have almost same price .
  4. J

    Fresh new build and windows installation and I haven't gotten any updates yet.

    I just built a new rig, and I had a windows 8.1 product key so I decided to use it. I downloaded the OS from Microsoft, and installed through a USB. During installation I remember seeing "installing updates", or something like that. However, if I go to recent updates there is nothing. And my...
  5. A

    Cisco 887VA VLANs

    Hi All I am pretty new to Using Cisco Equipment, So i am hoping someone can assist. I currently have I have a Cisco 887VA ISR with C800 Software (C800-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.3(3)M6 and a Ubiquiti UniFi Wifi Access Point. The AP is capable of broadcasting up to 4 WLAN's which can be...
  6. S

    evga sc 1060 not being fully used

    So i have a I5-4670k and a Evga sc 1060 and it seems that when i game the usage on both cpu and gpu is sitting at 70%. It doesnt matter what game it is but it always never seem to be fully utilizing my gpu and cpu. Gpu is sitting at around 65c Cpu is sitting at around 55c
  7. H

    Best Hp All in one Printer under 150$ ?

    I am looking for all in one printer under budget of 150$ ? Any Suggestions which is the efficient one to buy?
  8. D

    looking for a new cpu

    hello i have a gtx 950, 250 gb ssd, intel pentium g3258, and mother board with an 1150 socket any recommendations on a cpu upgrade whether its amd or intel. I have a pretty good gpu so just having trouble thanks??!!
  9. I

    My laptop's screen is supposed to be 1080p but it is 768p

    I have purchased a laptop from Lenovo that said it had a 1920x1080 display. However when I checked my games and the control panel, I've found it only goes up to 1366x768. Am I missing something out? I updated the AMD drivers just to be sure I have done nothing wrong.
  10. N

    My screen is flashing

    Hello! I have a problem with my monitor constant flashing. It started yestarday, then stopped and now it flashes even harder and its constant. Also, my comp seems to produce more noise then usual. Help!
  11. J

    Error message please help me someone help urgent

    i have a hp probook 455 g2 and i got a problem which is a error message comes up on my youtube and it comes up with an error message and also it dosnt allow me to play any video online so please help thanks in advance.
  12. T

    Amd Kaveri A8-7500 x4 Processor Socket Fm2 3.0ghz (Sweet Spot?)

    Forgive me if I put this in a wrong thread. I'm not sure where to put it. my question is that I saw something being offered a "Sweet Spot" sale at P8,200 in philippine currency. ($165 in U.S currency) This will include the following: Processor: Amd Kaveri A8-7500 x4 Processor Socket Fm2 3.0ghz...
  13. joodyanne

    Editing passwords in google

    On my desktopo - I accidentally saved a password I don't want saved. I've looked up how to delete it, and they all say to go to the 3 bars on right hand side, choose settings menu option, click show advanced settings and so on. But I don't have "settings" in the drop down menu, and no tool...
  14. I

    Looking For a Decent PSU

    Hi I am looking for a PSU for the following build Intel core i5 6500 ASUS RX 470 4Gb OC Strix Msi b150m bazooka Motherboard WD SATA Hard Disk 500 Gb Please suggest a good PSU for the build. Also I live in a Country where the ambient temperatures during summer is at the high 30 degrees Celsius...