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  1. Chris_264

    Question Second M.2 drive not detected on MSI MPG B650i Edge WiFi ?

    The 2nd M.2 slot, M2_2 in the bios, isn't detected more than 10% of the time. Tested multiple new drives in the slot, but it seems to be that the M.2 slot itself is malfunctioning. I have tried two separate bios revisions, 7D73v13 and 7D73v16 respectively. I refuse to RMA it without first...
  2. Hopiumm

    Question Can i transfer 980 pro heatsink to 990 pro?

    I purchased a 1TB 990 Pro SSD and already have a 980 Pro 1TB with a heatsink. Can I transfer the heatsink from the 980 Pro to the 990 Pro? My motherboard is a MSI Mag Z790 Tomahawk, and it lacks heat protection for SSD slot 1. Therefore, I'd like to install the 990 Pro with a heatsink in the...
  3. A

    Question Is the Intel 900p better than the 990 Pro ?

    Hey, I have an Intel Optane 900p 280gb but have seen a deal for 990 Pro 1TB on Amazon prime deals and im looking to upgrade. Do you know if the Intel Optane 900p is faster in terms of latency than the Samsung 990 Pro , considering the Optane is now a few years old? 900p is certainly slower in...
  4. L

    [SOLVED] 990Pro No Longer Appearing BIOS

    I have a 960Pro 512GB that I cloned to the 990Pro 1TB. I am running on an ASRock Z370 Extreme4. My 990Pro was undetected the first three times I loaded my pc. My ASRock has 2 M.2 slots that work simultaneously and I have no other drives installed. Fourth time I tried reseating the 990Pro, it...
  5. I

    Discussion Samsung 990 Pro doesn't support hardware encryption

    Just a discussion about Samsung 990 PRO support of hardware encryption, as none of the reviews mention this defect, and Samsung simply ignoring this issue in their support tickets & community The product specification page have this drive encryption support listed as Using the latest...