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  1. Winn3rMaffed

    Question Looking for cheap PSU for A10-6800k and an ATX motherboard

    What can i use with this CPU my specs are: CPU: A10-6800k 4.4ghz Ram: 2x4gb Kingston 1600mhz DDR3 2x Sata HDDs 1x Sata SSD 120gb Motherboard: Asrock FM2A78 Pro4+ my budget is around 30-40 euro
  2. R

    Gigabyte Motherboard: Acpi Bios Error when installing windows 10

    Hi! Good day! I was trying to install windows 10, but I always get a BSOD with error code: ACPI BIOS ERROR. All I know is that it means my bios is nor ACPI COMPLIANT. So what I tried to do is update my bios, but all versions I tried is not working and ends up with "COPY BIOS FAILURE" in...
  3. J

    2 audio streams, 2 outputdevices

    So Ladies, gentlemen, I have a sound situation. I wish my game sound would go through my headset and my chromebrowser sound to my (external) speakers. It drives me mad because I know it works. First of all everything comes through one audio device, I don't want that, I want it split one on...
  4. A

    Fps not changing... ever

    I just recently built my first gaming pc and it works great except for one issue and that is that ever game seems to be stuck at the same fps. Overwatch for example on the highest settings 200% render scale i get 90 fps and then on the lowest settings i got 90 fps. this happens on all games but...
  5. E

    1440p/144hz free-sync with rx 480

    Sorry if this is in wrong section I recently built a new computer and have everything except a gpu and monitor. I want to get the mg279Q, 1440p/144hz. It would be nice to get one with g-sync but they are more expensive. I hear that free-sync/g-sync makes gameplay much smoother, but with the...
  6. M

    how to prevent the ''recovery file'' from being deleted?

    how to prevent the recovery file of my previous windows (windows8.1) from being automatic delete after 30days by MS on window 10? I heard just change the name of some folder , is that true? Windows.old is here , i just need to rename the file ? are there any other folder require to change?
  7. O

    Is my motherboard big enough?

    Hello. I recently bought a new PC and would like to know if my motherboard is big enough for everything and if it will work. I am asking about the airflow, if everything fits, etc. My build is: PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 3.6GHz Quad-Core...
  8. S

    Cant detect home wifi but can see neighbor'

    Hi i got win 8.1 on my asus tab. Cant see home connection like it used to. other devices can connect to the home connection. The tab can see other wifi and can connect without any issues at all. I dont know what is having problem to solve this. Is it the tab or the home connection. Anyone who...
  9. M

    CPU choosing help

    Hi, I plan to upgrade my CPU. I am willing to spend 400$ on my CPU. I do want to get the best performance for heavy gaming and professional photo editing. As of now i have Intel Pentium G620 @ 2.60GHz and ASUSTeK Computer INC. P8H61-M LX motherboard. here is the supported CPU list for my...
  10. T

    Is my build good and balanced?

    I really just need some opinions on my planned build. Is it well balanced? Will it run the latest games smoothly with high settings? Anyway, here are my specs: CPU: AMD FX-8350 GPU: AMD Radeon R9-280X RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600mhz (2x 4GB) PSU: 600W Corsair HDD: 1TB SATA 7200rpm OS: Windows 8.1...
  11. G

    Seagate Backup Plus - Restoring To Factory Settings

    Is there a way to restore my Seagate Backup Plus back to factory settings as I received when I purchased it with the software still intact on the harddrive?
  12. nimonster

    How can I swap by secondary HDD so that all shortcuts still work?

    I have a HDD where I install games and programs and How can I copy the partition to the new onw without having to reset the links (drive letter)
  13. B

    Is my CPU damaged? Pics included

    Hey guys. First post here. I just want some pairs of eyes to look at my problem before I go ahead and replace my CPU. Basically a few days ago I was restarting my PC after a windows update, and heard a loud spark with a flash instead and then the PC shut down. Turns out the PSU cable was loose...
  14. C

    strange black rectangle appeared

    i have a strange black rectangle that appeared down by systray, i did not install any new software. it is on the top layer- rt and lt clicks do nothing but i can drag it. - i looked at msconfig - nothing looked processes --nothing see pic here does anybody recognize this??? thanks
  15. M

    any decent 600 - 650w power supplies?

    i need a decent 600- 650w psu that is fully modular and 80+ bronze at least for under $120
  16. T

    Need help in building a high end gamung build for 2‚50‚000 INR

    Hello everyone I am building a new rig especially for gaming and light editing and I need some help on building that my budget is 2‚50‚000 INR ( approximately 4‚100 USD) I play some graphic intensive games like watch dogs battlefield 4 crysis3 etc.... On ultra setting and suggest me good gaming...
  17. Troutman

    Finished building my first PC... Horrible blue lines on the screen from my GPU's HDMI output. Pics inside...

    Hi guys, hope someone can help me out (again!) with some issues i'm having. I'm not feeling too optimistic about them, maybe someone can help shed some light on what's going on. I never did an open build, which was probably pretty dumb in hindsight, as i'm thinking i might need to take it all...
  18. T

    ASUS DCUII GTX 570 or AMD Radeon 5830

    Hey guys! I just picked up a video card for free off a friend who bought it, and doesn't PC game. Brand new, fresh out of the box AMD HD 5830. My question being, should I keep my 570 in, or switch it out with the AMD card. I'm an nvidia fan boy, but I love performance a lot more. My Specs...
  19. Curiousaboutpc

    AMD announces Mantle SDK beta for developers

    AMD has today announced the next major phase for their low-level Mantle graphics API: a private, beta SDK for developers, which they can use to integrate Mantle into their game engines. While this news doesn't directly involve consumers or popular PC games, having a Mantle SDK available to...
  20. E

    $2000 - $2500 digital artist PC build

    Good afternoon, Now if i'm honest i have no clue where to start but after 100 google attempts this seems like the most promising avenue to find a solution for my problem. my knowledge in the technical aspects are minimal and the construction of the build will be done by a friend. I am not...
  21. D

    HELP! Cpu or Mobo bust?

    Hello! So ive had for about 2 and a half years the following rig: I7 2600k Asrock p67 extreme 4 Twin frozr iii gtx570 Blah blah Assembled it myself and didnt have any issues. Til now. I play a lot (a lot) of videogames and do some video edits on it. Recently bought batman arkham origins...
  22. S

    adding surveillance to my PC

    I built a fairly high end gaming PC, with plenty of room for expansion. I also have a security camera (4 cameras) with BNC connectors running on a separate DVR, which I have never been able to network. Can I add these BNC cameras to my new PC? I would love to have about 8-10 cameras, but...
  23. G

    Computer start up Issues

    HI guys, new to the forums and i have a bit of a issue with my computer. I bult a gaming rig 2 years ago with a i5-2500k, 8gbs of vengance ram, gtx 560ti and a 700w psu and a z68 extreme3 gen3 mobo./ so about 6 months ago i turned my computer one day and it literally took 30 mins to go from...