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Forum discussion tagged with a6.
  1. K

    Question How would i root and flash the Evolution X ROM onto my Samsung Galaxy A6 2018?

    I have a Samsung galaxy A600FN 2018 running Android 10 with Samsung's One UI 2.0. I want to flash the Evolution X ROM onto it as I'm constantly low on storage and would like to free up some space with a lighter OS and use my SD card as native storage. How would I do this? What is unlocking the...
  2. T

    Lag Stuttering in games GTA5 and fortnite After replacing blown psu

    I’m getting massive lag spikes in games like gta 5 and fortnite after replacing my blown 500w psu with a brand new Thermaltake 500w psu my cpu temps are good and gpu useage and temps are good too. I’m very confused and would like all the help I can get Amd Fx 6350 Gtx 1050ti 8gb ram 1tb hard...
  3. MaxTehLegend

    is there a way to flash a overclockable AMI BIOS?

    my other PC has a old motherboard with a q6600 and i was wondering if you could be able to flash an overclockable bios onto it? it has heatsinks over the VRMs so it looks like it should be capable for overclocking.
  4. N

    Ghostly CPU Overheat Problem

    Hello Everyone, I began to have tempratures around 80 Degrees to 90 degree C at idle with my H80 and 6700k , Asus Z170 , So i checked if its plugged correctly ,checked thermal paste .. checked if all fans are running however despite everything working correctly , I changed CPU fan and got...
  5. T

    Bypass a server with a modem-router-switch connection

    Hi all! I'm a greenhorn admin of a 40-user dorm-network what consist of the following. MODEM-SERVER-SWITCH-USERS The network is getting slower, and I want to find out why. My first assumption was there is some config-problem with the server, so I want to bypass it to see if the network will be...
  6. T

    Awesome PC build

    Hi i'm building a gaming PC for around 1250 aud and i don't really need a ssd and this is the best 2 entrys prefer a better power supply. I would like it to have a Deepcool TESSERACT SW ATX Mid Tower Case. (i would like an operating system too). See here for the two entrys...
  7. J

    Stock intel cooler loud and rpm speeds? (Cant Change)

    I am using the Asrock H110M-ITX/ac motherboard and a intel skylake core i3. The cpu fan seems to be loud (assuming its loud this is my first pc) and is constantly at 2600-2800 RPM no matter what i change using speedfan or bios. The CPu temps idle at 35 C Is this normal?
  8. J

    Are these gaming pc parts good?

    Hi guys, could you please check out these parts? i7 6700k ID-COOLING Icekimo 120 ASUS Z170-P GeForce GTX 1070 GAMING X 8G G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR4-2400 8G Samsung PM951 256GB M.2 COUGAR ST500E Case: inwin 303
  9. J

    Why does my PC reset its self everytime I launch my pc

    I logged onto my pc today and noticed that my background is missing as well as a lot of icons from my desk top. Every time I reboot my computer it does the exact same thing so all the files I had on my desktop go missing again, I also occasionally receive errors whilst trying to boot my PC
  10. I

    Blinking red lights

    So i just built my first ever computer and I'm extremely nervous because after assembling all the parts and what not i hooked it up to the monitor and nothing, and bwould get the "no signal" thing. I tried using all the cables on both the gpu and motherboard and got the same thing. I checked the...
  11. B

    How to remove 'System Reserved' partition from formatted SSD?

    I'm selling an SSD that I've completely formatted and removed Windows from but it still has the 'System Reserved' partition on it with no obvious way to remove this. Is there any way I can remove this and factory reset the drive? Thanks!
  12. Stardust342

    32 bit World Of Warcraft Microstutter

    For some reason I encounter a microstutter when playing 32 bit versions of WoW. If I play the 64 bit version, it's silky smooth. Ofc a simple solution would be only play the 64 bit version, but if I want to play WotLK or previous versions, those are only 32 bit. Here are my specs; CPU: FX-9590...