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  1. M

    Question Help for dummies (me)

    My son has a computer with A68HM Grenade motherboard, and am looking to buy a graphics card, for light gaming. For some reason the computer doesn’t even currently work for Roblox (an online kids gaming site) the graphics for the game are really jerky and make the game unplayable. Could anyone...
  2. M

    Question A68HM EZ.DEBUG stuck on vga

    Recently decided to upgrade to ryzen 5, I got a new motherboard and put my old graphics card and new cpu on and encountered a few problems so I determined the motherboard was to blame, so I ordered a new one and I was going to wait and just use my old set up, but upon reinstalling the graphics...
  3. Will_49

    USB ports not working on first boot

    So I finished building this gaming pc and I booted it up for the first time (no monitor) and the fans in the case didn't light up or turn at all, this concerned me and I tried to test the USB by charging my phone, the USB seems to be putting out no power. I don't know how I'm going to use the...