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  1. junaid_hussain99

    Question Random shut down (Not Overheating) while running on battery power.

    I have a Dell Inspiron 7567. I had this issue with my laptop within a year of purchase. While on battery power and moved or picked up, the system just shut down. Not logged off, No blue screen of death, NOTHING. Just blank. The startup takes a little longer than usual after this happens. And...
  2. J

    [SOLVED] Dell Precision m6800 startup issue

    Hi, I have a dell precision machine. Today it suddenly got shutdown as if it was unplugged from all the juice (battery+ac adapter) I tried to restart it quite few times but i won't start. I removed the battery and tried to use only AC Adapter. When i plug ac adapter it's led and power button...
  3. Mr_Pickles

    Question Laptop only boots up while charging.

    Hey there, I've got this MSI GL62M laptop. Some months ago I started noticing some issues regarding the battery. Here they are briefly listed in chronological order: The laptop misteriously started shutting down on his own, even though Windows stated that the battery wasn't low. Then Windows...
  4. J

    Question Acer nitro 5 keeps freezing

    Hello, two months ago i bought an Acer Nitro 5 from Amazon.So when i work,the laptop keep freezing,and to solve the probleme i should plug out the ac adapter from compter.And when i also using the battery,when it freezes,i should plug in the ac adapter.When i used the computer far from the AC...
  5. eagors93

    Question Pin stuck inside charger port - question

    Hello every one, I'm having a question regarding a client's laptop. It's a Dell Inspiron 15 3878 and the problem is that the pin from the charger is stuck inside the charging port. Here's how it looks like: I found out that if you push the...
  6. A

    Merge partition Ease US

    I want to merge these 2 partition in purple. (See picture link) But I will have to merge them with the 2 in red. It's on a laptop and I wonder if it will cause a problem. It's windows 10. I first installed it on a HDD. But I cloned it to a SSD and I ended with unallocated space. that I changed...
  7. Crashman

    Corsair’s T1 Race Gaming Chair, Hands (And Back, And Butt) On

    Corsair introduced its premiere gaming chair earlier this week, and we took a seat. Corsair’s T1 Race Gaming Chair, Hands (And Back, And Butt) On : Read more
  8. Y

    So wait for 1080ti or the titan x pascal (again)

    So the situation for me is I'm having a single 980 ti right now, should I add another 400 for a 980 ti sli ? Or maybe keep waiting for the 1080 ti sli or should I just get the titan x pascal sli. The money isn't the problem but I hear that the 1080 ti is gonna release around PAX east and some...
  9. B

    New Possible Processor Looking For Info.

    Hello, thank you for even taking your time to read this! anyways, I will jump straight into this. -Spect Processor=AMD FX-4200 GCard=GTX 750 ti RAM=8GB Power Supply=600w MBoard=GA-78LMT-USB3 6.0 currently I was looking on upgrading my Processor to an i5 but was told my motherboard wasn't...
  10. A

    WX4100 performance for games

    Hi all, Before I begin, I want to ensure you that I do understand the purpose of this card (used mainly by graphics professionals for applications like Autocad, Solidworks, where precision is more important than speed, etc) and I do understand the price point (twice as expensive as entry-level...
  11. Y

    768p Budget Build

    What is the best pc build for 768p (August 2016) that can slay most of the triple A games today at high to ultra settings? Please enlighten me :)
  12. A

    New build for gaming and some server use? ((4,500 soft cap))

    Hello everyone! So I plan to start my next build in 60-90 days. As I have a sizable check coming to me in that time window. I plan to build a 4k 60fps PC that can also do some video/music editing, and I want to use it as a server as well. First of all, is that a good idea? To use a gaming PC as...
  13. ChaoticWolf

    Malwarebytes keeps on blocking uTorrent?

    I'm just wondering, I have Malwarebytes Antimalware Premium. Why does it always block random IP's and ports from uTorrent? I always see notifications on the bottom right corner saying that it blocked a malicious website from uTorrent.exe and it shows all sorts of different ports and IP's and it...
  14. N

    How can I make my CPU run cooler?

    So basically I built a pc using a Bitfenix Prodigy Mini ITX case. It has an i5-3570k, and that uses an H60 cooler with the fan mounted on the back of the case as an exhaust. I also have 4 more 120mm fans installed so that there are 2 on the front of the case that act as intake, and 2 on the top...
  15. A

    Can somebody take a look at my gaming pc build?

    I am a newbie and this is my first build. I would like to know if I should change some parts, like the power supply, or add extra fans. I also have another build. It is the same build with a different case. Both builds have...
  16. L

    No Internet Access but still able to pull up web pages?

    Have a weird problem that creeped in on me yesterday...I came home to find that my Windows 7 rig told me that I didn't have internet access yet I was still able to pull up web pages and surf. I tried rebooting my computer to see if it was just a anomaly but it came back after full boot. Opened...
  17. Astrosonu Higgs

    Knowing the power supply

    I want to know the power supply of my computer so how do i do that?