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  1. ramadhanks

    [SOLVED] Mix AC Plug

    Just like the title says, is it okay to use others psu ac plug?
  2. S

    Question USB C charging HP 14-DK1022WM

    So I got this HP laptop as my secondary pc and wondered if I could use the USB C port it has to charge it as the charger it came with has a rare wall plug that i don't have an adapter right now, the problem is that i have about 80% of battery and I tried plugging my Galaxy S9 USB C charger and...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] What speeds are available using AX adapter with AC router?

    Says AX is backwards compatible, but what speeds? AC 1200, 1300? AC1900... AC3150??? Need to upgrade, AX adapter potentially cheaper for faster AC speeds but can't find actual speeds anywhere, just that its backwards compatible everywhere!?!🙃
  4. M

    0x8007045D Error code while fresh installing Windows 10

    I have tried to re-install windows 10 because my y computer wasn't working. So I go through all the steps and the windows installer was going through the "getting files ready for installation" step. I got to 93% and then I got this error code "Windows cannot install required file. Make sure all...
  5. T

    Connected VGA cord to Graphics card but monitor not working.

    I've connected the VGA cord (from Pure Power 10 500 watt) to G-Force GTX 1060 Graphics card but the monitor is not working. The external cord is attached also. Any suggestions? First time builder. Thanks!
  6. jamesp33

    AMD zen vs FX 8000 Series and FX 9000 Series

    Wil it be worth the upgrade? I'll be getting a AMD vega but I'm not sure about AMD zen. I have a FX 8000 series processor myself and I'm gonna get a MOBO that has the socket that ZEN uses. If it's worth the upgrade that is. I know it's gonna be better, But is it worth the upgrade?
  7. G

    amd radeon r250

    So i would like to ask what,s the difference between these- this and this why the price is so different. 2nd one is OC but is that worth of 40$? Or is it brand why they ask higher cost.
  8. Zaney2522

    Missing USB 3.0 header, GND meaning, etc.

    I recently ordered an i4 4460 to go with the Asrock h97 anniversary board. I installed it into my Cooler master 932 case with no issues, until I started to find that some of the plugs from the front panel on the case weren't lining up correctly with the board. For example, I have no USB 3.0...
  9. D

    Fx6300 temperature and cooling questions

    System specs Msi mb 970a-g46 Amd cpu fx6300 (not over clocked) with stock cpu cooler. Asus nividia GeForce gpu 660 ti I have 1 rear 120mm exhaust fan, 2 top 120mm exhaust fan and 1 front 120mm intake fan, all functioning. Case has mesh front panel and half mesh panel on one side. Cpu fan is...
  10. M

    Does it really matter ?

    Hey,i planning to build a Skylake pc but i'm on a budget and now i'm choosing the ram . I found really cheap memory from amd (i haven't known that amd memory excists) link : But when...
  11. S

    Overclocking my motherboard

    Just a quick question. I think my motherboard supports overclocking, but I'm not positive. Can someone tell me if it does, and if so how I would do it? I have the Amd Phenom II X4 840 Asus M4N68T-M V2.
  12. O

    i dont know if these are compatible. HELP ME

    i dont know if these are compatible. Can someone help? motherboard: B85M-E45 graphics card: GTX 970 GAMING 4G
  13. R

    Not enough PSU Power?

    Hi Tomshardware Team I've recently bought an XFX Radeon HD 7970 used for 125€ and I am loving it so far. it ran great with my 350w PSU (BeQuiet Pure Power L7-350w) But the only thing that really pissed me off (sorry for swearing) is the too high voltage and the high temp. so the idiot that is me...
  14. Stag1928

    New build, advice appreciated

    Hi everyone, I'm planning on building something in the next month or two. My concerns are whether or not its worth waiting for skylake since the only significant change is DDR4 support, and I'm not sure that will yield appreciable gains for games. I'd like to stay around the $650 neighborhood on...
  15. Confused Idiot

    HArd drive back up

    My 3 month old hard drive is making a noise like coffee being brewed. People say it's going to die. What do I do? I have no files on it asides from windows and steam so I have nothing I'll lose. I have the windows key and disc ready, but If I get a new hard drive will I need a new windows copy?
  16. L

    will my mobo run Intel Core i5-3570K?

    my mobo is ASUS H61M-A
  17. R

    building $800 PC

    So I do alot of online gaming and I've been saving up to build my own PC, now that I've saved up $800 I think I may be at a good place to start looking for stuff to build my PC. I want to run games like vindictus, tera, guild wars 2, and soon to be blade and soul and rise of incarnates with no...
  18. T

    Upgraded pc no video.

    Hi, I just replaced my AM3 board with a MSI H87m-e33 and i5 4440. I turned the pc on, no video and it shuts down after like 30s, then reboots. I also can't turn the pc off via the power button. What's going on?