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Forum discussion tagged with AC1900.
  1. Q

    Question Do we have a modem?

    Okay. Here’s my silly question for the day. I’ve been reading about routers vs modems, how modems provide the internet while routers emit the wifi signal. I have been confused about our situation regarding a modem for years. Now I finally decided to try to figure it out. Do we even have a modem...
  2. Y

    [SOLVED] New R7000 Netgear Making Internet SLOW??

    So, i've just installed a new R7000 AC1900 Nighthawk router & my internet speed drops drastically?! My crappy ISP router pushes out 900-1000 download constantly on speedtest.net but when i plug in the R7000 it drops to around 300mbs?? This is through ethernet bear in mind, through wifi its...
  3. Y

    Question HELP!! Netgear R700 Won't get internet access, ISP Router does!

    Hi there, Im hoping you guys can help me as literally nobody else can, Not my fibre installer, not my ISP and not even Netgear community... So I purchased a second hand R7000 Router and I got home and literally plugged it in and all was sweet! One day the internet was going slow, so I hit the...
  4. D

    amd a8 5600k overclocking turns into a dual core?

    overclocked my 5600k from 3.60 to 4.20 ghz and ran cinebench but noticed little to no difference to stock clocks (1 point more) and noticed it showed up as 2 cores 4 threads is this correct? or is it a bios setting?