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    Question "Hunt: Showdown" crash (Access Violation) 0xc0000005 ?

    Hunt: Showdown crashes after around 1 hr game time. Sometimes other games like Battlefield 1 or Apex Legends also got this crash after long time playing. I have attached WER file from Hunt: Showdown crash. If possible I'd like to know what causes this crash. WER file...
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    Question Access Violation Errors and BSOD ?

    getting Access Violation / BEX errors on every game, and many programs. either as soon as a game loads, or 10-20 minutes into playing without fail. Also lots of PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA BSOD I've swapped out everything besides the motherboard and CPU at this point. 3 full clean installs, and...
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    Question Access violation hangs application every few minutes

    I'm having some trouble with the Unity game engine, where after a couple hours of use (almost completely random when this happens), it starts to hang from anywhere between a few seconds, up to 10-15 seconds, every few minutes. Debugging unity's process, I can see it throws out a access...