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  1. Question Windows created a duplicate account and start up is messed up

    Hello, so since I installed those two updates: My PC when booting tries to login to a duplicate account of my default (having the same name but no picture) and it ends up showing (the password is incorrect). It has a user and password input while my default account has a PIN input by default...
  2. Rojex

    Question I can't sign in with microsoft account in windows 10

    I have problem with windows that I can't sign in with my account or any account at all, I press In (Sign in with a Microsoft account instead) on account settings and something pop up at me tells me you need to install an app for this task like in this image>> View:
  3. B

    Question Visual studio Can't login HELP

    hi so i reinstalled visual studio community and worked for a bit but than i remembered that i have to log in so i tried but it said " we could not refresh the credentials for the account the format of value ' () (Obsolete data d - do not use) is invalid " my evaluation period has...
  4. D

    Dear Admins and Moderators

    Dear Admins and Moderators, Recently, I noticed that my posted threads are not showing up for some unknown reason and I also tried looking in the different subcategories for watched threads and threads with my posts, but still was not able to find any of my threads, except one which has been...