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    [SOLVED] Does undervolting really increase performance??

    I have a gaming laptop (acer aspire 7 with i5 9300h + gtx 1650) and I undervolted it around -140 mV...and I ran cinebench r15 (without undervolt temp - 88°c, multicore score - 815)(With undervolt temp - 71°c to 79°c, multicore score - 709) why this performance hit with undervolt????? N.B. - I...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] i5 9300h doesn't touching it's full potential

    Recently I have bought a acer aspire 7 laptop with i5 9300H + GTX1650 Gddr6, and when I'm stress testing cpu clock speed hovers between 3.3 MHz to 3.5 MHz but hw monitor showing that cpu is on 100% load.. So what is the problem ???? Why my cpu doesn't run on 4 GHz? N.B.- Temps are around 70-75°c
  3. Sudo_D96

    [SOLVED] CPU performance on Windows 10

    I recently bought an Acer Aspire 7 with i5 9300H and Gtx 1650. I noticed that my CPU always runs on turbo for normal usage when plugged in. In the sample video, u will see that initially its plugged in it runs at 4 GHz, and on unplugging the cpu clocks down causing the screen to flicker. It...