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    [SOLVED] Samsung PM981 SSD reliability?

    Hi, There's a deal going on near my place of a Samsung PM981 256 GB going for $35 USD. So before I pick this up, I have several questions regarding it. I'm going to use in an Acer Aspire E5-476G How is the reliability on this thing? There isn't much data regarding it on the internet Is it a...
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    Question Acer E5-571 no display after changing to uefi

    Hi,I recently tried to install windows 10 onto my Acer E5,noticing that I couldn't change my hard drive to gpt without uefi,I went to the BIOS settings and changed my bios mode from bios to uefi,after restarting my computer,the laptop won't display and the fan doesn't spin,I'm not sure what it...