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  1. J

    ACER NITRO 5 i5 vs ASUS TUF FX504GD i5 (8th gen models)

    Laptop specs are as follows ACER NITRO 5 i5 Intel Core i5-8300H PROCESSOR 8GB DDR4 2666MHZ 1TB (SATA) 15.6" FHD (1920x1080), IPS Panel NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 1050, 4GB GDDR5 ASUS TUF FX504GD i5 Intel Core i5-8300H+HM370 8GB DDR4 2666MHZ 1TB 5400RPM + 128GB NVME SSD 15.6" (1920*1080), 45%NTSC...
  2. A

    Question Abnormal GPU Usage on Acer Predator Helios 300 (2018)

    It's been a month that I've been using this laptop and for the past week the Predator Sense Software either doesn't monitor the GPU usage or shows such usage even when no application is running of the GPU. I've a GTX 1060 and even when the laptop is in sleep mode such kind of GPU usage is being...
  3. Bananaaaa9

    Question Laptop hinge area creating sparks?

    I have the Acer Aspire 6 model, and I was using it at school just fine. I turned it on again later and the display did not show, then the left hinge area started to smoke and light up. I immediately turned it off and every time I open or close the laptop’s lid, the hinge would make a small...
  4. E

    Discussion Slow Bootup Time on Laptop

    I just a bought a new laptop, specifically an Acer Nitro 5. The specs are i5-8300h and 4 gb ram with GTX 1050 4GB and 1 tb hdd. It has a slow bootup, about 1 min - 2 mins. Is it because of lack of RAM? Or is it because I do not have an ssd? I tried making my GTX 1050 the main graphics in this...
  5. M

    Question Best laptop for school and university?

    Hi, I had to take in my previous laptop to Harvey Norman due to the laptop malfunctioning and as it was under warranty they gave me a credit of $1300 to purchase a new laptop from them. I have been looking around and I have found two which seems appropriate for school and university but I would...
  6. D

    Questions about overclocking on my laptop

    -Can I do it with my Acer V3-471G? -If so what risks do I have? -How far should I go? -By any chance if this fail,can I fix it without opening my laptop? I'm not a big fan of this -Is it worth it? -And the last one how do I even overclock I'm planning to overclock my processor and ram
  7. ozzy_7

    [SOLVED] I think I just bricked my netbook...

    Ok, I really fudged up this time. I was attempting to downgrade from Windows 10 Professional to Windows 7 Ultimate on my Acer TravelMate B-115M. I'd done it several times before on different PCs, laptops and netbooks. I wanted to do as fresh and clean of an install I could do, so I chose...
  8. M

    Question Is overheating on my Acer Predator monitor the issue?

    Had this monitor for about 3 years, made the mistake of overclocking it a couple of years back and was left with a faint horizontal line (very thin) and tolerable, however I recently noticed a horizontal streak on the bottom third of my monitor that would only appear after the monitor has been...
  9. Ijustwannaplaypubg

    Question Laptop turns off when playing PUBG

    Hello! I have an acer e-5-576g-59ab, it has an i5 8250u and a mx150 with 8gbs of ddr3L ram (2x4gb, one is from an old laptop so idk if its compatible with the one on the laptop) the laptop is pretty okay except for the battery which i think was broken when a power surge occured (laptop now runs...
  10. B

    Question 1440p 144hz monitor selection

    Hello there! The time has come for me to switch from an LG 24MA53 to one of the following: Acer Nitro VG271UPbmiipx - 135k HUF Acer VG270UPbmiipx - 134k HUF AOC CQ32G1 - 91k or 115k HUF (theres a discount on it dunno how long will it last) Samsung C32HG70 - 170k HUF Here's the price...
  11. T

    Question How long before a newly released laptop is available refurbished?

    So I have my eyes set on the 2019 Acer Predator Helios 300 (1660 Ti model). I need to have the laptop before the school year starts (mid August) and would prefer to save a couple hundred by getting it refurbished. It was announced at Acer's show a couple months ago, and started selling at the...
  12. W


    ACER ATC-605-ES18 Processor: Intel Core i3 4130 processor @ 3.4GHz # of CPU Cores: 2 Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8 OS Language: English/French Option Memory: 8GB DDR3 Hard Drive: 1TB @ 7200RPM Recovery Partition: YES Optical Drive: YES...
  13. D

    Question Should I upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8/8.1

    Windows 7 support will end soon so I've been thinking to switch to another os I tried Windows 10 but It lags and my laptop doesn't have any drivers for it I'm thinking of Installing Windows 8/8.1 Here's my laptop It has a driver for...
  14. E

    Question RX 560x vs GTX 1050?

    Good day! I am planning to buy a laptop. It will be used for autocad and r program; also a bit of casual gaming. Now, I'm in a conflict on which one to pick. My choices are Dell G3 and Acer Nitro 5. Acer Nitro 5: AMD Ryzen 5 2500U RX 560x 4GB 8GB RAM 1 TB HDD (will add ssd later on) Pros +A...
  15. F

    Question Dual-Monitor, same size and resolution but the mouse gets stuck at the very top and cannot pass to the other screen?

    Hey Tomshardware Forum! I recently switched to Windows 10 using my Dual-Monitors i used with my Win7 setup. What i found out was that for some reason there is a 3px wall at the very middle top part which my mouse cant get to the other side to. The 2 monitors are the same size, same...
  16. cassizanon

    Question Vertical lines when there's movement in videos

    Hey guys, i have an Acer Nitro 5, the specs are below, and yesterday i got a new monitor, a Dell U2419H. I was so hyped but after i got it i realized my laptop does'nt have a DP port, only HDMI, and the USB C does not support an external monitor. I was bummed out, because i'm not really sure if...
  17. A

    Question I don't understand. My laptop won't factory reset.

    My laptop won't factory reset. It's an Acer 2 in 1 Aspire R11 laptop. I tried factory resetting and it errors and doesn't even tell me what's wrong.
  18. Bazzlebrush88

    Build Advice Help with new build if possible. Especially CPU installation

    Well i say new build, it's more a build of pre owned parts. I have an old acer predator tower with the LGA 1150 Socket motherboard (Can't locate the name of the motherboard). And an 80+ bronze 500w PSU - came standard with that predator build version. I've ordered a CPU, an Intel i5 4690 (just...
  19. S

    Discussion Acer Predator Helios 300 2019 model (1660ti, 2060, etc)

    To anyone who owns any of these models from the recently released 2019 version, I believe all should have i7-9750h, I would love to know more about temps, fps in modern games, and battery life Cheers
  20. O

    Question Less than 60 FPS in games

    Hi, I recently started to begin to drop massive frames on the games I have. I have no clue what caused this but I used to be able to run games with ease but now, I see low performance and sometimes less than 60 fps. An example would be fortnite, where I used to get 120 FPS with ease but now fail...