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  1. C

    [SOLVED] Canceled Acronis True Image Recovery caused system failure

    Windows 10 totally bricked my pc. Even worse, when i ran an acronis true image recovery (not in Windows 10) i cancelled the operation to validate my selection, only to cause system failure. Now in BIOS/UEFI my C Drive (NVMe) is not listed as a Boot option, and the drive that is listed under...
  2. luzhun

    [SOLVED] Un-doing RAID 0

    Hello. I have 2 SSD drives in RAID 0 currently set for my primary boot drive and would like to undo this to make them 2 separate drives again. The SSD drive is currently being run by some software SSD controller and not a hard one. I would like to make 1 full system image of the drives to use...