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    [SOLVED] Activation lost when upgrading to Windows 11

    Hi, I was using Windows 10 Home activated with an OEM license, I no longer have the product key but it was automatically activated everytime I did a new install. I did a fresh new install for Windows 11 Home and it didn't activate automatically so I went back to Windows 10 Home in order to keep...
  2. L

    Question Just got my new pc, prebuilt with free windows but my key that i just bought wont work (using the "change product key" method)

    i just got my pc and i used the free trial option of windows, now i bought a digital key but windows wont let me use it, maybe i need to use a different method to get it. Im going from Trial to Windows Pro so maybe the pro version needs me to reinstall windows or something?
  3. D

    [SOLVED] Migrating multiple windows form ssd to nvme

    Hi, I have a Samsung 840 pro 256GB ssd and bought an NVME Samsung 970 Evo 1TB. I used Samsung Migrating tool to migrate the two OS partitions (Windows 10 pro) to the new NVME. My second Windows 10 pro partition has various software I bought which when originally installed needed activation codes...
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    [SOLVED] Windows 10 activation

    I have a quick question for you guys. I own a lenovo ideapad 110-15ISK with windows 10 home 64bit pre installed. If i upgrade to windows 10 PRO via Microsoft Store, will i be able to retain my PRO licence when i change laptop in the future? Say if i buy a new laptop with windows 10 home, will i...
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    [SOLVED] Activation Problem

    I have a somewhat bizarre problem wherein I have an old Toshiba laptop from about 2007-2008 that has Windows Vista 32-bit version on it, but apparently it's always had a 64-bit motherboard in it. It was apparently assembled at that time when 64-bit CPUs and motherboards were released, but...
  6. R

    Question Win 8.1 pro catch-22 - unable to activate while trapped in safe mode

    Recently replacing a failing hard drive required that I put Win 8.1 pro in safe mode to successfully copy files off the failing data drive (the system drive is OK/untouched.) But swapping the data drive apparently (???) triggered de-activation of the OS (I've previously replaced many...
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    [SOLVED] how retail works?

    Hello everybody! I have a really basic question about how retail licensing works I mean i want to buy windows vista from ebay (just for nostalgia and because i don't want to mess with funky rando ISOs on the internet) and I'm not really sure how this thing works... I mean I know it's retail...
  8. Slimpar

    [SOLVED] Locked out of windows 10 (organization account)

    I've been using a student version of windows 10 on my home pc because it was offered for free by my university. I asked them multiple times if I would still have access to it after graduating, and they all said yes. Lo and behold when I try to log in now I get a message "you can not log in with...
  9. jorjo

    [SOLVED] I have original windows 10 but i accidentally run Windows 10 crack!

    As the title said, i accidentally run a windows 10 crack (i downloaded for a friend). In my PC i have digital licenced windows 10 (updating from windows 7). I run the .exe, cmd opened and i think (hopefully) avast took over and kill the process. Is there any way to have problem with my windows...
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    [SOLVED] W7 Upgrade Activation Key

    I'm looking to upgrade my pc to Window 10 using my Windows 7 key. However, because I'm stubborn and want to keep windows 7 a little longer, I'm also looking into dual booting both for awhile. I've found a lot of info on how to do this, none of which really says what happens to your Windows 7...
  11. P

    [SOLVED] Made a mistake when activating Windows

    Hi, I recently did my first build in years and I used a copy of Windows 8.1 which I forgotten I had used 3 times already. Of course when windows was installed it couldn't be activated for the reason I mentioned previously. I was quite tired and frustrated (wasn't really in the mood to do the...
  12. samamun777

    [SOLVED] Shall I buy a cheap Windows 10 license (provided by Kinguin, SCDKey etc.) OR leave my Windows 10 non-activated?

    I am installing Windows 10 on a new laptop and am wondering if I shall buy a cheap license for it. Currently, I can't afford to buy a high-priced license from Microsoft. I wanted to give resellers like Kinguin, SCDKey, eBay a shot but I am confused due to mixed reviews. I can't decide if I...
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    [SOLVED] Do Windows 7 OEM Discs need a product key to be activated?

    If I had a computer that I wanted to install or upgrade to Windows 7, could I use an OEM disc (such as this) to get Windows installed and activated? I have a feeling this is not the case, so would there be any other good ways to get Windows 7 (not Windows 10, I'm going for budget) activated...
  14. arimich

    Question how to replace a cracked windows 10 with an actual windows 10?

    hey, currently i am using a genuine version of windows 10 cracked with a cracker [mod edit](the computer store guy did it); but i intend to buy an actual windows. what is the process to replace the cracked OS with a real one without losing my data? also, all my information is in the HDDs and...
  15. J

    Question I bought a used Dell PRecision 7720 on Ebay - Some questions on it and Was it Worth it?

    I bought a used dell precision 7720 on ebay for $520. IT came with 64gb ram, i5-7440hq, AMD wx 4130, 2tb Hd, 1 TB samsung NVME. IT did not come with any OS installed though. I have several questions though: 1) Do you guys think this laptop was worth it for the price and specs? 2) Since it...
  16. B

    [SOLVED] Computer eligible for Windows 10 key?

    Hello all! Straight to the point: Is there any way to check if a computer is eligible for a valid Windows 10 key before installing? I have a 4/5 year old mini-pc lying around. It currently runs Win7. I don't remember if it came with no OS or if with Win8 and downgraded. Thanks!
  17. A

    Question Grinding only on Startup?

    When I start my PC there is a blood-curdling grinding noise that continues through startup, but once I get to my desktop screen it fades away. I know there's a thousand threads with the same title but I can't figure out what the cause is. One of the more common causes seems to be something with...
  18. O


    I have tried everything to get the DVD player to read a DVD and all it does is keep asking for a disk when there is one in there? Second issue, will not see an additional 2 Gig Hard Drive in windows, finds the devices in the BIOS but not in Windows 10 Pro. Also, I have upgraded BIOS to F7...
  19. A

    CPU upgrade question

    Intel Xeon E5-4640 vs E5-2660 If i have a board that supports the E5-2660v1, will the E5-4640v1 be compatible?
  20. E

    MSI B360-A PRO with Intel i5-7600K CPU won't start

    I just built a new computer. I go to turn it on today and the fans start to spin up briefly and then everything shuts down in less than a second. The CPU debug LED illuminates while this happens, but because everything shuts down immediately, it's also only lit for less than a second. This is...
  21. D

    Booting issue after liquid spill

    I'm having an issue with my PC, I recently spilled some liquid which fell inside the case through the top fan vents. I quickly opened the case and started taking apart any components that I could see that appeared wet. I cleaned as best I could with a lint free paper towel anywhere I could see...
  22. G

    Which monitor is better? LG

    Hi guys, im finishing my pc this week, and the last thing that is left for me to buy is monitor. I have found 2 lg monitors but i dont know a thing about monitors, so i hope someone can tell me pros and cons of these two
  23. C

    New Windows 10 update made new partition?

    I just updated my Windows 10 and now there is a new partition on my HDD. There is space filled within the partition but when I click inside there are no files. I have checked the boxes to show hidden files but still cannot see anything.
  24. K

    Need help connecting NZXT s340 case fans

    How do I connect the fans that come with this case? The only cable I see plugged to the fans say "Do not connect while pc is on" but these are the only cables connected to those fans, and how else would I get power to the fans to turn on? Should I still connect them?
  25. X

    Looking for a secondhand card, any recommendations?

    As the title reads I am looking for a new GPU since I just sold my last one. My budget is around 2500-3000 SEK(£230-270). If there är any secondhand websites and stores that are in the EU be sure to tell me, shipping can NOT be too expensive
  26. A

    Facing problem in editing audio

    I merged several audio tracks in sony vegas 13 and grouped them but when i open them in the preferred audio editor,only the selected audio gets exported.What should i do to edit all the audio tracks at once?
  27. I

    Plugged CPU cable from psu to gpu. Burning smell is coming now from gpu.

    Plugged CPU cable from psu to gpu accidentally instead of pcie cable. Burning smell is coming now from gpu. This gpu wasn't 7 'on tha old. Will it be covered under warranty? If not Is it possible to repair ?
  28. J

    Random Blue Screens After Fan Hub Install

    My setup: Case: Corsair Vengeance C70 Power Supply: SeaSonic 620W M12li Bronze Power Supply Motherboard: ASUS M5A97 R2.0 Processor: AMD FX 8320 8 Core (I think, will check again) HDD: Seagate FireCuda 2 TB SSHDD (ST2000DX002) RAM: 2x G.Skill 8GB DDR3-2133 RipjawsX F3-2133C9D-16GXH...
  29. M

    PC issues help?

    My PC keeps freezing or blue screening or just shutting itself off. When it shuts it self off I can hear it try to turn itself on but it like stops and redoes the process. It’s really starting to get bad. Any help is appreciated
  30. N

    Nothing showing up

    Hi, I have Intel g31 motherboard. I have tried everything but nothing is showing up on screen. Please help
  31. H

    Soundproofing a room?

    So I have a fairly small room where I basically do everything in there, and one of the things I love to do the most is play video games late at night with my buddies but the thing is my whole family can hear me talking to them and hear my clicking of my keyboard! It's not like I talk very loud...
  32. NDDU Julius BSIT

    Is the G4600 paired with a 750Ti a good Gaming and Graphic editing PC?

    Planning to start with a 7th gen Intel platform and since the G4560 isn't available, prices for the G4600 came down and there is a local shop here that offers a CPU+Motherboard bundle. I currently have a GTX 750Ti in my system and I am planning to sell the rest of the components leaving the PSU...
  33. L

    I flipped the voltage switch while my pc was on.

    So I live in the US and I flipped the red switch in the back. It was on 115 and then I switched it to 230 and then back to 115 while the pc was on. None of the ports on my motherboard and graphics card will work but the front ports on the case will. I can't see anything on my monster because...
  34. H

    I have an unstable connection but anywhere I check my ping is normal any tips?

    In the last 1-2 months my Internet has been really unstable causing my games and general connection to behave like I have 400 ping (just an example) but anywhere I check my ping is stable around 70-80 (what it should usually be) any ideas on what the problem might be?
  35. H

    What graphics card is best for me?

    I have an R9 280X and need an upgrade because the graphics card has developed a few issues . I was considering an GTX 1080 so i can get a 4k monitor in the future, and it will last me for a long time, but there are so many different versions and don't know what one to get, i mainly just play...
  36. B

    Windows won't boot when gpu is using pcie riser.

    So I have been working on a small form factor pc which required the gpu to be mounted in a way that requires a pcie riser. The problem being I cannot get the pc to fully boot with the gpu hooked up this way, I can get into bios fine but the pc seems to crash when booting windows. I have tested...
  37. P

    Which is the best gaming laptop below $2000 which will last for 4-5 years?

    I am planning to buy a gaming laptop..but many people i know say that gaming laptops heat very quickly and they wont work properly after continuous gaming of 3 hours or after 1 or 2 years in total....i dont know what to do..i dont want to buy a laptop which might not match up the graphic...
  38. M

    Connect TV Toshiba 32BV502B SPDIF CoAxial out to TEAC CRL600 optical in

    Am using Digital Coax Phono to Digital Optical Adapter with cables that fit both TV and amp, but sound continues from the TV's speakers. There seems to be no way of telling the TV to direct sound output through its SPDIF instead of its speakers; and no facility on the amp to pickup sound input...
  39. T

    FPS Lag Spikes every 10 seconds or so

    Firstly, I'll get what I have already done in attempt to fix the problem. On the Witcher 3 (I get lag spikes on Total War: Warhammer aswell, not on Minecraft, although they're only what I've installed atm) I have turned the settings to lowest and highest, although it does not effect my FPS...
  40. R

    Tiamat 7.1 With Sound Blaster Z help!

    using the razer tiamat 7.1 with the sound blaster z card. cant get audio to play through all channels at once. ive got the msi 970 mobo and am running windows 10. theres enough plug on the card for all the headphone jacks and if i unplug the speaker out jack then the mid/low range sounds play...