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  1. B

    Question Software installations for domain accounts.

    I have a question that might be a little hard to answer and maybe software specific but any info would be greatly appreciated. I have a number of Lab PCs running windows 10 Pro which I have added to an Active directory domain using a Synology NAS. These Domain users should have access to a range...
  2. A

    Question Ipv4 imaging mass amount of Lenovo 300e's, Some getting stuck on Lenovo splash screen and not getting added to AD

    Im having trouble with my Lenovo 300e's getting stuck on Lenovo splash screen and not getting put into Active Directory. Im using Monoprice USB 3.0 to Gigabit adapters and installing the windows 10 image over IPV4. Out of 30 computers, 10 dont go to login screen and don't get added too SCCM or...
  3. I

    Question Gpupdate /force command takes long time to update policy from Windows Server 2012r2

    Dear All, Whenever I unblock removable disk from Active Directory and run Gpupdate /force command it takes long time to update policy from Windows Server 2012r2.. Is there any way to update it quickly, it hangs of ""Updating policy...""
  4. I

    Question Bypass USB GPO of Active Directory

    Hi, Is there any way to bypass USB block GPO applied by Active Directory Administrator???
  5. E

    Question Windows 10 Account Photo From AD

    Hi, I have a script that runs at log on to copy over the AD account pictures from the server to the local PC and that does not work in Windows 10 using GPO as a log on script. The script and parameters in GPO are; %windir%\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe -Noninteractive...
  6. Koreanpanda

    Question Help with 16 PCIE cable to PSU

    So I bought rtx 2080 and it needs 2 x6+2 cables and evga has total 14 so I bought a cable for pci e 2 x 6+2 and the cable doesn’t fit in PSU to VGA 2 or 3 it fits to CPU 2 can I plug in to CPU 2 ? And use it or do I have to get new cable? Or PSU? Help:(
  7. M

    [SOLVED] About Colorful *GPU* brand!

    Is Colorful brand trustworthy? I'm building a rig in the next few months and the price range of the GPU's of colorful caught my attention. Is the brand good??
  8. E

    Amazon Fire 7

    My Amazon Fire 7 screen has gone so dark I can barely see the apps - what can I do It is only 5 weeks old.
  9. F

    Is my Power supply enough to power 4790k and gtx 1060

    I have 4790k not overclocked, speed step technology is disabled so it operates at the turbo frequency of the processor which is 4.4 GHz. I have GTX 1060 evga Super clocked edition, two HDD no dvd drive and Asus Z97-a motherboard, is Corsair GS 600 80+( 600 watt ) power supply enough to power all...
  10. I

    I don't know what 1 gigabyte passive means.

    What does 1 gigabyte passive mean for video cards?
  11. The_Click

    [SOLVED] PC Wont Start When I Insert New GPU (GTX 1050Ti)

    I was using a gt 630 2GB Gpu with my Build - Amd FX 4300 8 GB Ram 1333 MHz Mobo - Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2PT 500W PSU GT 630 Is Working Flawless But when I insert My GTX 1050Ti, OC Wont Start. All Fans Work, GPU Fan Work but PC wont start. Mouse and Keyboards Do not work. I have cleared the...
  12. C

    PC boots and functions perfectly well, no video output

    I was playing World of Warcraft when my PC suddenly shut down on it's own. Judging by the lights in my house, this was not caused by the power delivery. After a few seconds it started booting up by itself, however my monitors never got any signal. I have confirmed that it boots perfectly well, I...
  13. D

    Can you tell me which is better

    All I need to know is if a msi geforce gtx 1070 gaming x is better then this
  14. G

    Ring Video Doorbell Now at Lowest Price of the Year

    Find out who's knocking on your door with Ring's newly discounted video doorbell. Ring Video Doorbell Now at Lowest Price of the Year : Read more
  15. spieff

    Corsair/Msi hydro 980 Ti reaching 85c under load.

    My 980Ti is reaching way too high temps for what it is. Idle i get about 45c (room temp about 20c) Under load i usually get 82-85c. Heres what've done so far and the aprox. temp losses. -Changed the case, gained 1-2c -Changed the radiator fan, lost 2c -Added fans to the case, lost 1c -Changed...
  16. J

    Dell Vostro 200 upgrade advice for casual gaming on a budget (Core 2 Duo 7200, 2GB DDR2)

    I've recently been given an old Vostro 200 and I'd like to give it a few upgrades to see if I can do some casual gaming on it. Things like older Steam games, MMOs and eSports like LoL, CSGO and Fortnite. The specs currently are: Intel Core 2 Duo 7200 2GB DDR2 800MHz 500GB HDD 750w PSU I'm...
  17. K

    Problem With Grapics Card

    Hey good day I just bought a Graphic card GT 710 but when i install it in my computer and starting up windows 10 my computer freezes i dont know why btw the driver is not installed due to not opening my computer. Is it A PSU issue? I have a 4 year old PSU 600W please help me guys.
  18. Z

    grahpics cards and cpus

    hi, i was wondering what graphics card i could use with my 2nd gen quad core i5. thanks.
  19. S

    Free Recovery cd download Toshiba C55-A5300

    It keep saying No bootable device-- insert boot disk and press any key, but i dont have no disk 4 it i dont know wat to do now can u please help me
  20. R

    PC shuts down and restarts after new GPU installation while on demanding games

    Hello everyone! Yesterday I got a MSI Gaming X GTX 1080 GPU, but after I had installed it and it's drivers, when i ran a demanding game and played for 10-20 minutes my system shut down and restarted after ~2 seconds. So I read some threads on this, and people said it might be the PSU's fault...