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  1. nacheto123

    Question PSU adapter to GTX 1060 will work?

    Hi everyone! I just bought a GTX 1060 that has a 8 pin input and my PSU is a Sentey ERP PS 750W . My question is: can I buy an adapter and use my new GPU or I need to change the PSU? In case I can use an adapter, which adapter is better? 2 molex (of 4) to 8 pin 6 pin to 8 pin PD: in the...
  2. M

    [SOLVED] Adapter for a 3 prong laptop charger

    Is there any adapter that can eliminate the massive power cable on a laptop charger? https://www.amazon.com/Toshiba-Gateway-Notebook-Computer-Charger/dp/B01JBDY3GS/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=3+prong+cable&qid=1571627231&sr=8-3 ^this thing but without a cable. I am trying to make my desk cleaner so...
  3. Question Is there anyone whos using a display tablet that requires hdmi gate?

    so i just bought a display tab a few days ago and unfortunately my computer doesnt have any gate for hdmi. i then bought an usb3.0 to hdmi adapter to solve the problem. the adapter requires a driver, particularly its fresco logic's. but when i run the program my tab just wont work properly. pen...