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  1. choychoychoy

    Question Aorus H370 Gaming Wifi 3 RGB Header Question

    Good day! I have a noob question, my motherboard is Aorus H370 Gaming Wifi 3 and I've done some research but I can't understand if my motherboard has a 4 pin Addressable RGB Header. Now I'm aware that my mobo has a 3 pin and 5 pin but I'm not sure if it has a 4 pin. I took a picture of...
  2. Question Digital/Addressable RGB strip/ adapter for mobo header (pin pin blank pin layout)

    I am looking to purchase a cheap addressable RGB strip for my new PC and I don't want to spend tons on branded strips. My problem is that all the strips I find on eBay or AliExpress I don't know whether they will plug into my motherboard properly or if I will need an adapter. Any help or...