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  1. Dollas4Eva_SR

    Question Windows 10 hello same face for different users?

    I recently got a new laptop with windows hello face recognition. I set up an administrator account and my face to use to unlock that account. Then I set up a separate local account for day-to-day usage. I tried setting up my face for windows hello on this other local account but it would not...
  2. Marlay

    Question Does replacing hard drive remove Admin accounts?

    Trying to fix up a computer for my mother. My mom started a job working from home through a cruise line. The job wasn't a good fit so she quit. She has tried emailing the company trying to return her work computer for a year now. She finally received an email saying she may just keep the...
  3. K

    Question Issues with access to folders

    So the issue is fairly obvious. I have some conflicts within permissions to a folder. I tried troubleshooting by adding admin accounts, authenticated user accounts and SYSTEM account and giving them full access. But when I restarted my system, all of them were gone and I was back to square one...