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  1. Techrookie89

    Question Accessing Recycle Bin of Other User Accounts

    I lent my cousin my old laptop (Windows 10) to use But I forgot to empty the recycle bin on my main user account. :eek:There were some REALLY embarrassing files in the recycle bin that I don't want anyone to see. Before I gave her the laptop, I created a second local account with admin access...
  2. L

    Question Windows Service not starting ?

    Hi guys, first post on this forum. I hope you can help me. Sometimes on startup the network icon keeps loading forever, and I can't do anything that requires admin privileges (such as setting the date, installing,etc.) My guess (although I don't know much) is that there's a service not...
  3. D

    Question Is it safe to restart?

    A few days ago while i was away from my computer, a program opened up (a windows terminal) that started deleting all my files on my computer... when i got to my computer it was to late, everything was gone. The only stuff that was left was the few programs i had left open on my computer, and the...
  4. F

    RAID Card Confusion

    Let's say I have RAID on my motherboard and I also have a RAID card. Is it possible to put the hard drives plugged into the the SATA ports on the RAID card and the hard drives plugged into the motherboard in the same RAID array?