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  1. ZackWi

    [SOLVED] Issues after upgrading CPU and MOBO.

    I'm a video editor and lately I had to work with many raw 4k files. When I started working on these projects I had export times up to 40 minutes. I decided to do an upgrade I always wanted and got an 8 core CPU. That was last week and since then I've been having many issues when using Adobe...
  2. I

    Question CPU compatibility with ram

    Dear Fellows hope you all are great So after trying to research this on google i am still confused maybe i am new to computers thats why My question is i have i7 8700k with asus rog z390h mobo which supports XMP can i put 3200 Mhz ram something like tridentz corsair or hyperfuryx also in order...
  3. xlamenation

    Question i want to know if my i7 7700k is bottle necking my 2080

    my i7 7700k runs from 4.2 ghz to 4.7 ghz and i wanted to know if it bottle necks my rtx 2080 and if i should upgrade to a i7 8700k
  4. M

    [SOLVED] Phone with a decent camera

    With Windows Mobile losing support at the end of the year I probably should upgrade my Lumia 950XL sometime. I am a little spoiled with good cameras and would like my next phone to have a good camera too. I am wondering if I should invest in a Nokia PureView 9 or wait it out until 5G starts...
  5. L

    [SOLVED] Using a wireless pair of headphones for gaming and leaving my studio headphones plugged into sound card

    I wanted to know if it would be possible to use my expensive sound card and my studio headphones along with my new gaming usb ones? I don't care about sound while I'm playing games so I just bought a cheap $150 wireless gaming headset. Trying to figure out if I could listen to music and that on...
  6. M

    Display drivers crashing on 1060 gb

    Specs cpu Intel i7 8700 mb b360-A pro gpu msi single fan gtx 1060 6gb ram 12 gb psu 500 watts old cpu I recently upgraded my Cpu since it bottle necked my Gpu which I got the i7- 8700 and now my display drivers crash making most games unplayable this occurs after the game runs random amount...
  7. J

    Ethernet slower than wifi

    I have an H96Max+ Android 4g/32g box - just upgraded my cable internet from 100mbps to 400mbps. My wifi signal is faster (282mbps) than ethernet (140mbps). It wasn't like that before I upgraded. Help?
  8. K

    CPU overheat too fast

    my cpu overheats too fast it temperature get to 90 c when it just use 15 % can i fix that ??? my cpu is i7 4800MQ laptop model is hp probook 640 G1 sorry for my bad english
  9. S

    Not sure what cpu to buy Lga 775 T socket

    Just bought a dell computer with a gtx 670 and a dell inc motherboard 0tp412. I think i can put in a xeon cpu but I don't want to bottleneck the gtx 670. Anyone have any clue what xeon cpu is compatible and won't bottleneck my gpu?
  10. T

    Very annoying issue with my laptop (Frame flex?)

    Hey guys so this is getting to the point where its making me want a new laptop. For the past year about 70% of tables my laptop sits on the bottom left side will float above the table just enough to cause almost like a wobble, so whenever I type on it its tapping constantly on the table annoying...
  11. D

    gta 5 social club problem

    My problem is here : Can help me ? i try open Social club web in Mozila firefox but won´t open.
  12. F

    i want to buy a GTX 1060 or 1070 and AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Processor

    My pc spec CPU AMD FX 8350 RAM 8.00GB DUAL CHANNEL DDR3 @ 802HMZ Mothboard M5A97 LE R2.0 Graphics ATI Radeon RX 480 Graphics
  13. H

    [SOLVED] Should i use nvidia's drivers or manufacturer's?

    I have a laptop (brand HP) and i don't know if i should use the divers from the site exactly from the manufacturer for my laptop or the drivers nvidia experience offers. Which one do you think i should use?
  14. sumit3322

    which best motherboard asus or gigabyte H370 chipset ?

    GIGABYTE H370 AORUS Gaming 3 WiFi VS ASUS ROG Strix H370-F Gaming out of these two boards which is best in terms of Quality not value for money my concern here is purely on quality of components used ?
  15. S

    Stream laptop good?

    Hi, Im willing to stream soon and I am looking for a good laptop for this but also to carry to school ( university) and do my school tasks with it I got in mind the new Lenovo Legion Y530 I7 8th gen and 1050 graphics or the asus FX504 i7 8th gen 1050 TI graphics or the acer nitro 5 I7 8th gen...
  16. P

    Im looking for Graphics card

    looking for a Palit 9600gt sonic edition
  17. M

    will not open hard drive

    windows could not access the disc
  18. J

    Would a FX 8150 bottleneck a gtx 1060?

    Well the title explains it. I was wondering if I could get more performance upgrading to a 1060 from my Radeon HD 6970. I have been needing to do this a while and this card will last me a lot longer. I am getting about 100 FPS average with my 8150 and 6970. Will it be any better with a 1060. And...
  19. S

    can i upgrade?

    Thinking about getting a gtx 1080 when the next gen cards drop. currently have an i5 4690k and gtx 970 running on a corsair cx600m power supply. The gtx 970 uses 2 6-pin for power. what will i need for a 1080? what connectors does it use and will i need a better power supply?
  20. B

    dota 2 pc build

    planning to build a pc for dota 2 with better setting(high setting would be enough and a pubg entry level). can you give me a suggestion on what parts should i buy. CPU,motherboard, ram stick and a gpu. budget 400$