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  1. nexion21

    Question Vega 56 Black-Screen issue, crashes and fans ramp up

    Running Windows 10. i7 9700k DDR4 RAM Gigabyte Z390 motherboard Original PSU is Corsair Hx650 (idk if gold or platinum) New PSU is Corsair Hx850 platinum My one Vega 56 is a powercolor, the other is a sapphire I've previously created This thread over at amd forums but the solutions offered...
  2. Adrihan

    [solved] [closed] Sudden Stutter in The Witcher 3

    So after one month not playing it, i decided to play Witcher 3 once again a few days ago, but i got surprised by some serious performance issue. The game is stuttering, sometimes lightly, mostly bad as hell. No matter if I'm moving or just standing still or moving the camera, and all of that...
  3. Iosif

    [SOLVED] AMD Adrenaline 2020 doesn't let me OC my GPU through Asus gpu tweak or Msi afterburner!

    Hello guys, Amd Radeon Adrenaline drivers in 2020 are very good but I cant OC my gpu through ASUS GPU TweakII . I just tweak settings, press apply and it reverts me in the factory clocks. Damn:confused_old: Is there any way to disable amd software settings and do whatever I want through asus or...
  4. binar00

    [SOLVED] RX 580 only works with DVI

    so i upgraded my RX 550 2GB to an RX 580 8GB and i was using 2 monitors with the RX 550 with no problem ( one is DVI and the other using HDMI to VGA adapter) the computer works fine with DVI played few pubg matches and bf1 too, but then i turned it off and added second monitor even then every...
  5. J

    Question Cannot change my resolution in AMD display settings

    I have a W2363D monitor and RX580. I have got the latest AMD adrenaline software at the time of writing (19.4.1). Everytime I try to change the resolution from native (1920x1080) to what I want (1024x768 at 120Hz) it just says "the custom resolution settings are not compatible with the display"...