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    Questions about facts about overclocking..

    I've recently started playing around with my cpu and motherboard, here are the few things's I can't find answers online quite easily: 1. As far as I know, we should not pass 1.4vcore for a "safe" overclock (x79). Is this because it causes more temperature, or is this because voltage harms the...
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    $5k overkill system build. Want opinions.

    Alright, so I'm planning on building a computer for $5000. The idea is to build an overkill system now and not have to worry about upgrading any hardparts for years to come. I've compiled two possible builds, one consists of large amounts of RAM and physical storage, the other cuts all that...
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    Question about HP System Locked Pre-installation OEM

    I have a server it runs windows 7 like a dream, but I must've bought a counterfeit because the key no longer works. The server never came with any COA, as it was a retired military server. So I guess it is customary for them to remove all COA stickers. Which I know they would not have had...