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  1. BlueFoxAlpha

    Question What gaming chair is the best out of these four?

    How you doing? I want to know wich one of these models will you choose if you have to buy one. This is for gaming/design, i don't know any of those brands except for Corsair, but i'm just looking for another opinion. Or what to look for. Of course Corsair is one of the top brands in the market...
  2. C

    Question Which one is overall best case?

    Deepcool Matrexx 55 Tempered Glass Mid Tower Casevs vs AercoCool Cylon Mid Tower Gaming Case
  3. Spirals

    Question Thoughts on the Aerocool Lux RGB 550w?

    So guys, once again I'm here to ask you guys, and give your thoughts and opinions, to the Aerocool Lux RGB 550w 80+ Bronze. It's a budget one, so.. What do you guys think? Comment below :D
  4. Pythonbites

    [SOLVED] Should i place 2 intake at the front or one intake at the top and 1 at the front?

    Hello, I have the Aerocool Cylon case and i am going to order some more case fans (be quiet! Pure wings 2 120mm to be specific) but my front case is kind of chocked for air, except for tiny gaps and an opening at the bottom, at the front and the front is not filtered (and i don't have many...
  5. Pythonbites

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to get decent aeroflow with minimal dust in the Aerocool Cylon

    Hello I am a casual gamer on a budget and I want to get my temps down in my pc. My case is the Aerocool Cylon. The case has a back exhaust fan, a space for a fan at the top with a filter, a bottom filtered space for the psu, and 3 spaces for fans at the front, those spaces can also be populated...
  6. Pythonbites

    Question Why isn't my front panel USB 3 recieving enough power?

    Hello, I recently built my PC. When I plugged in my USB Pen Drive into the USB 3 slot, it didn't load in Windows 10, but at the bottom right on the background processes a USB symbol flashed in and off at intervals. OK? So i made a bootable USB out of it to see if the BIOS would boot. It didn't...
  7. Charlier924

    Question I was wondering if Corsair H100i RGB will fit in my Aerocool Cylon RGB case

    So I've read from the pcpartpicker that it fits, but when I look into the case, how is it supposed to get the air out of the front panel? Only a little cutout in the bottom.. Or is it fine for the cooler, and I should not worry about it?
  8. F

    Question stop nvidia from defaulting to hdmi main display

    im tired of switching to DP port on my dual monitor setup constantly I have nvidia GeForce gtx 1050ti 4gb with DVI, displayport,2 hdmi and it keeps trying to switch to HDMI as main display every time I try to change settings for my dual monitor I don't understand why it keeps doing it. very...
  9. ymi04060513

    Question Decisions

    Which is Better the Samsung Evo 860 1 TB or the Toshiba DT01ACA100? I have the Toshiba installed in my computer now but I got the SSD for Christmas and I want to know if it's worth putting into my rig.
  10. N

    Question Audio out of sync when watching videos and streams etc. (help)

    So ever since i have built my new pc (2 weeks ago), my audio has been out of sync with the video (the video comes late). And it's really weird because i've never had these problems earlier. Anyways, the audio is out of sync mostly when watching livestreams on and when watching some...
  11. A

    Question CMOS Battery Overuse, Is It Possible?

    Hello, and let me get into the problem, or the question I might say. All my components work pretty well, except MoBo I guess. Problem is that whenever the PC turns on, there is not a problem about keeping it up, no puns intended, but when I turn it off and try to power it on once again after...
  12. K

    Question Constantly lose connection with repeater.

    Ok so this is a tad complex. I'm in a 2 story home, with a modem/router located in a corner on the bottom floor. My own position in the house is just too far to get a good signal so I got a wifi extender. Now I personally HATE using wireless connections. Too unreliable, too finicky but I can't...
  13. C

    My build: PSU and OEM Qs

    Wanted some other opinions on this build, if the OEM cpu is over clockable, and if I can get away with a lower PSU, since I've read that the new GPUs take much less power than before. Any other suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks for reading.
  14. W

    VGA Slot won't give a signal

    Hello everybody! I have a small problem. I have a Geforce GTX 1050 as a graphics Card and a AMD 6100 Six core processor. I went to buy a Oculus Rift. Everything worked so far, until i started changing the HDMI cables. My PC only has 1 HDMI Slot, so i went and bought a VGA -> HDMI adapter. The...
  15. J

    Dual monitor trouble

    i recently got another monitor so when i am playing on m1 (monitor 1 is the main display) a game for example tomb raider and if i go over to m2 and click on spotify or google the game on m1 minimizes and goes to desktop while m2 opens spotify please help ?
  16. A

    Will uninstalling bitdefender internet security remove my product key

    I need to uninstall the bitdefender internet security off of my windows to test if it impacts a lot on my Cpu performance. Will uninstalling the program disable my product code? Or will I be able to reinstall it couple of days later? Please answer if only you know. Thanks in advance
  17. J

    Upgraded PC - Won't post. No display, no power to usb devices

    First off, I have read ad nauseam many forum posts and articles, to include the "PC will not post" checklist. Here is my situation. Old Build: MOBO - MSI Gaming M5 Z170A CPU - i5 6600k GPU - Asus Strix 980 ti RAM - Corsair Dominator 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3,000hz PSU - EVGA Supernova G2 - 1,000...
  18. P

    Help with locating SSD

    Best way to describe the issue is that my new SSD that I installed is now located within my old disk's properties and not as its own disk in disk management. Currently my SSD is located under; Local disk (C:)properties - Hardware I need to move it to be recognized as a separate disk in disk...
  19. L

    Changed Boot Order, Now no BIOS .. No Post .. CPU and DRAM L.E.Ds blinking

    SPECS: Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 Motherboard AMD Ryzen 5 1600 MSI GTx 1060 6gb Corsair Vengance 8gb DDR4 ram Hey All, I was using my desktop today and while in BIOS I flipped the boot orders. After saving and exiting, my computer rebooted to a black screen with basic text saying something along...
  20. S

    Please Help with New Gaming PC ~$1800

    First of all, thank you for everyone who helped me pick the parts for my last build! This time I'm putting together a new pc for around $1800, with several parts salvaged from my existing rig (PSU, 2 storage drives, peripherals). It will be primarily used for gaming and multimedia, at 3440x1440p...