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  1. G

    Building new rig for budget less than Rs. 25000

    I am looking forward to build a New RIG as per my min (Rs.25,000) and max (Rs.20,000) budgets I would like to hear from you'll on my below requirements for both budgets Requirements Timeline: 2 weeks Budget: Rs.25,000 - Rs.20,000 Location: Mumbai, India Usage: Office work 1. Processor (Intel...
  2. Y

    Asus r7 370 or Asus 1050 ti Phoenix

    Can someone help me decide? I cant really find a great comparison of the two gpus
  3. F

    benq 2765 no sound

    Well I cannot figure out how to make my new monitor actually to play sound. I'm using Display port cable. I have the drivers installed, I've tried making it the default device for audio but it won't do anything. I'm pretty sure the answer is simple but atm I don't see it...
  4. L

    Let’s Encrypt To Support Wildcard Certificates Starting January 2018

    The ISRG announced that the Let's Encrypt service will start issuing wildcard certificates for websites with many subdomains starting January 2018. Let’s Encrypt To Support Wildcard Certificates Starting January 2018 : Read more
  5. X

    HELP! Dell Inspiron 5458 Laptop USB Ports DIED!

    Hello All- I have a Dell Inspiron 5458 Laptop that is less than 2 years old and a week or 2 ago ALL of the USB ports stopped working. I noticed a popup saying something about insufficient power to them and then the next this I know they all died. I tried reinstalling the chipset drivers to no...
  6. R

    How sensitive are motherboards?

    Hey, I was just wondering how sensitive are motherboards? Let's say if you drop a screwdriver on to one by accident or you simply scratched it a bit in the process of installing it into the case. Would this damage affect your PC?
  7. F

    It is build day!

    PCPartPicker part list: Price breakdown by merchant: I am pretty nervous as I have been out of the game for awhile. My last build was nearly 7 years ago but that rig is still kicking and it even had a couple...
  8. C

    Cpu reaches high temps (60°C) then only 33% usage

    I have low-end windows 10 tablet ( )that has passive cooling. When I play Half-life 2 or stressing...
  9. D

    Is it ok

    I have an Intel core i3-M330 2.13GHz 4gb ram Gtx 1050 Seagate HDD 250gb & 1TB Toshiba extranal HDD. When I play watch dog from internal HDD it lags and after 5 min my PC shut down
  10. R

    16GB 7.95GB Usable

    So let's beat this age old topic like the dead horse it is. My system was working all fine and dandy yesterday morning. Then I went to Microcenter to get an fx-8350... Original build Windows 10 64 bit AMD FX-4300 or something like that. Msi 990fxa-gd80 with newest bios and 2x8GB 1600...
  11. K

    My computer does a weird noise!

    When I open the computer it does a very loud weird noise and I cant recognise what it is.. Can anyone help me recognise the problem ? I still have warranty from the place I bought the computer! These are the samples I managed to record...
  12. T

    Moving OS and Files to SSD from Bigger HDD

    I just bought a Samsung 850 EVO 250GB, and I want to move my files over from my 500GB hard drive. I have deleted enough files for the contents of my hard drive to fit on the ssd, but I don't know what the best program to use for the move is. I have a hard drive cloner, but it won't let me clone...
  13. S

    Windows 7 Install Destroyed???

    So i decided it was about time to wipe all my drives and start fresh installs for Win 7 & Win 10 (using dual boot from the same M.2 SSD). I managed to get the Win 7 OS more or less back to how i want it and then i noticed that my 4TB HDD had been formatted as MBR rather than GPT so had to...
  14. C


    I built a new system, i mean using used parts but all parts are working. Today i was almost done, as i just needed to install the harddrive. My harddrive is some used hitachi 2tb hdd. This harddrive gets detected by the bios just fine and then i plug in my usb (that has unactivated windows 10...
  15. S

    what can i do to improve my computer (as cheap as possible)

    Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4800+ (2 CPUs), ~2.4GHz Memory: 4096MB RAM Card name: ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 Series Sorry if i missed anything out, if so please let me know just trying to learn.:??: I recently got this computer...
  16. B

    I7 2600k on 4.2 GHz with stock cooler

    Hi guys. so i have a question but first my specs: GTX 970 Phantom 4GB Asrock Z68 Extreme3 gen3 mobo I7 2600k at 4.2GHz with STOCK COOLER 16 GB ram (8GB HyperX fury + 8GB Corsair XM3 at 1600mhz all) 2 case fans. So, when i got this i7, i've OC-d it to 4.2GHz, with Fixed offset voltage of +0.030...
  17. elgiov

    Low Budget Lappy for Mom?

    Hello everybody! How are you doing? Hope you're fine. I am trying to find a very cheap laptop for my mother, as she barely uses it and we don't have that much of a budget. I've been looking around in, but can't seem to find a good option. She will use it for mainstream web...
  18. R

    Need new gpu

    So currently i run a amd 8320 and im about to swap out my stock cooler for a master cooler 212 evo heat sink. I wanted to go ahead and get a new gpu as well. I currently run a gtx 960 with a 750 watt psu. Any suggestion for a better card with my cpu? Im buying a new monitor so i can play in 1080p.
  19. D

    GPU, PSU, MB, RAM, CPU, Whats the problem???

    Ok this is going to be a bit of a story so buckle up. 3 weeks ago I fully assembled my parts (which ive been compiling over the last 2 months), before I get started, let me list my specs: Ryzen 5 1600 AMD RX 580/GTX 1060 (RMA'd the 580, will explain further...) MSI B350 Tomahawk 8 GB Corsair...
  20. D

    I want to insert dedicated GPU in my laptop (Dell vostro 14 3468)

    I have a Dell vostro 14 3468 laptop. I need to know if i can insert some good Nvidia gpu in it instead of the default Intel hd graphics 620. I want to put atleast a GTX 750TI in it. I doubt that i could do that but when I was reading the online specs of this laptop, They said it has a dedicated...