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  1. P

    Requesting Review of finalised build

    So this is my first assembled PC, I made a thread a while ago asking several questions and the build suggestions were really helpful, based on them I have finalised the following build and will be getting it in a few days if the response here gives the OK. My purpose for this build is AAA...
  2. D

    Suggested pc builds

    I'm looking for a build up that is for gaming. Going to buy as soon as I find the perfect build! (: Budget range: $900-$1300. *I need a monitor, keyboard/mouse, windows 10. Games: The games I strictly want to play are H1Z1, Battlegrounds, Day Z, CS: GO. Case: I would like a themed/color...
  3. S

    Please Help! ASUS K501LX vs Asus K401UQ

    So I want to purchase a laptop and I got two choices: ASUS K501LX Intel Core i5 5200u 2.7 GHz NVidia GTX 950M and ASUS K401UQ (newer) Intel Core i5 7200 3.1 GHz NVidia GT 940MX Which is better? Also the K501LX one is not sold in my country, is that a problem when I visit the service center to...
  4. D

    My GPU isn't running at it's full potential!

    Hi guys, So I have a GTX 1060 3GB OC edition from MSI which has 1 fan. I use it mostly for csgo and I don't know why I get lesser fps running at low setting than my friend's GTX 1050. Which is around 200 fps max and min at 70 fps. I tried to delete some files that might effect my SSD and it...
  5. S

    Help with gtx 1060

    Hello everyone I plan to buy a gtx 1060 3gb for 720p would it be able to hit ultra without vram limitations? I mainly plan to upgrade for the coming of shadow of war. I also plan to play newer games at ultra if possible. How would pascal memory compression help in gaming. Thank You.
  6. W

    Help with determining safe temperatures for overclocking

    Intel Quad-Core i5 4690k @3.5GHz stock fan Basic Info: My stress tests are reading a max of 70-72. The game I'm trying to improve performance on is Arma 3. I'm not going to be playing it longer than 2-3 hours at a time and after 1 hour of constant game-play (playing a large scale mission), my...
  7. Harv0118

    [SOLVED] Mac stuck in windows boot

    I tried downloading windows 10 onto a Mac, now it's stuck in an endless loop of booting with the OS X boot noise, black screening, showing a windows loading screen, blue screening, and then repeating that process. I have a USB with a fresh install of OS X, but I only have a windows keyboard for...
  8. S

    PC with exp gdc

    Can a PC equipped exp gdc using the m2 slot? Isnt it basically a mobo with 2 PCI-E slots, theoretical speaking. Thoughts?
  9. A

    Best 240W GPU?

    My computer (HP Elite 8000 SFF) has a 240 watt power supply. Im looking for a GPU with 240 watts or less power requirement that can run garrys mod, 60 fps, whether it be medium or low settings. Please point me in the right direction, i was looking at a GTX 750 ti but that has 300w requirment...
  10. M

    Vlogging Camera on a low budget

    Looking for a new vlogging camera for youtube work, need it to have a reverse screen, 1080p (lowest 720p) that can hold a Rode VideoMic Go. Needs to be good quality for obvious reasons but I need to keep the budget low... preferably under 300 pounds Thanks
  11. E

    Windows 10 installed to Disk 1 instead of Disk 0. Should I care?

    Just like the title says, did a fresh install of Windows 10, and it correctly installed to the SSD and created a 500MB Reserved Partition, but it installed to Disk 1 instead of Disk 0, even though when I installed it, I chose Drive 0: . So now, Disk 1 is the SSD with the...
  12. A

    Memory Upgrade Help

    Hello! I need to upgrade my ram to at least 8gb cause i can't play anymore my favorite game (Rust). My current specs: Motherboard: GA-970A-UD3 CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 960T RAM: 2 x 2GB Kingmax 1600MHz I have the folowing alternatives: to get 1 stick 4GB; to get 2 x 4GB; or to get 1 stick 8GB; I...
  13. G

    adding 2 channel amp to a 7.1 system

    can add a 2 channel amp to my 7.1 receiver to add two speakers
  14. Mk782001

    Difference Between ATXs

    what's the difference between a motherboard's form factor the ATX, Micro ATX and Mini ATX which one is better
  15. I

    New System won't boot with 2nd hard drive and SSD Connected

    Hello I just build a new system with 2 HDDs and a SSD. When I turn it on it tells me that "no OS was found, unplug other drives that don't have an OS on them." So I unplug the other drives and boots up. So I plugged the other 2 back in and it gives me the same error. Please help. Thanks.
  16. M

    5 long beeps on startup

    I finally got all of the parts for a new pc and finished building it(besides the cable management). So I booted it up, and the fans and fan LEDs turn on. There are 5 long beeps on startup. I haven't installed any software or drivers. Specs: CPU: Intel Core i3 7100 Mobo: Gigabyte GA-H110M-A...
  17. R

    System starts, stops, then starts again.

    Hi All, On waking my PC from sleep, it starts (lights up, fans spin), then stops. Around 10 seconds later, it will start again & will be fine from then on. This happens every time I boot the PC from sleep. I assume it's not off completely, as it starts with programs still open etc, as if it...
  18. A

    Random W7 freeze

    Hello everyone, Two days ago i have moved from windows 8.1 back to 7 but there is this strange freeze that happens randomly even when my CPU is 1-30% and ram not over 50%. The thing only happened to me when i moved to windows 7 never experienced it on 8.1 considering i used 8.1 for more than 6...
  19. G

    Project : Display from PC to Laptop via HDMI

    Hi guys, For this summer I am considering taking up a pet project where I try to use an older laptop as my disply for my Gaming PC. The idea is to use the HDMI out from the GTX1070 and use a decoder to connect it to the 40pin laptop screen. Frankly, I have never done such a project before. I...
  20. M

    Dead Ethernet port? What should I do?

    Recently my Ethernet port does not seem to work. I tried a different wire that I know works with my friends computer and I updated the drivers which did not fix the issue. Every other connection on the back of my computer like usb and hdmi ports seem to work. The light for my Ethernet port does...