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  1. The_creepywolf

    [SOLVED] How to set Permanent affinity

    Hi, I am using an audio program called 'Voicemeeter' and it's a known problem with the mic being buggy, to fix it I need to go to a certain process on the task manager and set a custom affinity. my question is: is there a way to set a permanent affinity instead of redoing it every time I open...
  2. S

    Question CPUs missing in CPU Affinity Selection

    Recently I have noticed some sporadic stuttering with my system and am working my way through some trouble shooting. The stuttering happens while playing video games and even sometimes even when just using a Microsoft Office program with nothing in the background. It doesn't seem to be system...
  3. Chrizzzzz_L

    [SOLVED] Task manager cpu affinity showing too may cores?

    Hi. I was changing the cpu affinity or usage for handbrake and was wondering why it says i have 12 cores (0-11) when my ryzen 5 2600 only has 6 cores and 12 threads
  4. M

    Completely Stumped By Insanely Persistent Issue

    Oh man, I feel really stupid after trying to fix this for so long. Generally, I have few problems finding fixes or causes for issues, I am trained in IT some myself, but I just have no idea what to do from this point. The Problem: I have a desktop computer on which the connection intermittedly...
  5. L

    Wirerless networking witb wifi and no internet for screen mirroring.

    We must have gotten disconnected. I have a marshmellow 6.0 smartphone with wifi. Tv that's not smart, have smartbeam, and hotspot and have no internet and want to know how i can screen mirror. Can u help?
  6. N

    Windows 10 fresh install on SSD but want to use files on HDD

    Okay, I'm not exactly tech-savvy, so I apologize if the question I'm asking is really stupid. And I apologize if the steps I took to rectify it were also stupid. First, I had Windows 7 on my HDD. I recently got an SSD, so I wanted to install the OS on that instead. I upgraded my Windows 7 to...