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  1. H

    [SOLVED] Aftermarket Cooling on RX580

    Hi, so I wanna change the stock cooler on my RX580, its a RX-580P8DFWR, and I was considering buying the Arctic Accelero Xtreme IV, I am aware that the cooler supports the RX580, but I wanna make sure I dont have a custom PCB, or any other thing that can make a problem, thanks for your time...
  2. T

    Updating my pc

    Hi all i am planning to upgrade my pc,my current setup is an amd fx 8300 8 gigs kingston hyperx 1866 mhz ram msi gtx 950.I use it mainly for gaming.So do i start with cpu mobo and ram or gpu first?For cpu i will go ryzen 2600 and for gpu a 1060.I cant buy them all at once. :/
  3. Jsimenhoff

    Gift Guide for the Audiophile

    Connoisseurs of the finest of sounds have a discerning and expensive taste. Don't be caught out of tune. Our gift guide is full of unique gifts that go up to 11. Audiophiles want the best of the best and these gifts are sure to please. The Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Bookshelf Speakers - $449.07 At...
  4. T

    Why my SSD "Frozen"

    Hey can you explain to kewhat this "Frozen" mean. Is this an error or something? How to fix it?
  5. J

    What GPU should I upgrade to from the Radeon 7770

    Hey Guys, I'm planning to upgrade my current GPU (Radeon 7770). I'm not a hardcore gamer as long as the game is playable. I'm currently looking at the ASUS GTX 960 STRIX OC 4 GB. Can you provide a good video card for this build? MOBO Asrock H61M U3S3 RAM G.Skill RipJaws X (dual) 2x4gb...
  6. K

    Corsair H80I GT not showing up in corsair link after updating to Corsair Link 4

    As the title says, my Corsair H80I GT won't show up in Corsair Link. I recently put in a new motherboard in my gaming pc(asus Crosshair V Formula Z) and i deleted corsair link, went to the corsair website and downloaded it and installed it again and i didn't realize it was corsair link 4, not...
  7. E

    which is better

    i5 6500 with gtx 970 or i5 4590 with gtx 970
  8. M

    DOA PSU cables or motherboard

    My motherboard BIOS refuses to recognize my optical drive, hdd, and SSD. I have double checked to make sure that that SSD sata cable is connected to the 6gb/s slot on the motherboard and that the sata power connector and sata cable are secure on all three components. Besides this, the psu and...
  9. B

    laptop(win 7); PC-Vista-backup external hardrive

    A gift in 2009, 1TB western digital My Book external hard drive still works well. Is it possible to backup both windows 7 and the Vista operating system to the same external hard drive. bbunch06
  10. W

    which games could be played on Nvidia NVS 3100M ?

    please list the names of the games that could be played using Nvidia NVS 3100M with high or medium resolution.
  11. A

    2 diferents graphic cards one at the time

    Hi i have a AMD HD 7850 and a nvidia GTX 750 TI, and i work on 3D modeling and render, so i can only use GPU render with cuda cores(nvidia), but the amd 7850 give me lot better gaming results, can i have them both instaled and select wich graphic card i want to use, and if i can, do i need to...
  12. T

    An idiot with a graphics card problem.

    So i recently bought an Asus R9 270x Direct CU II graphics card. I've been experiencing some problems and i need help. For the most part the problem is my computer i guess doesn't recognize its installed. http:// I do know that my power supply is pushing it but it seems fine, the fans are...
  13. K

    Would HP 15-g002AX suffice playing all games in mid settings ?

    Hi guys, I am planning to buy the following laptop for playing all games in mid range settings, would this specification is ok ? Laptop Link
  14. D

    Are my USB drivers are messed up?

    So, i built my own computer a few months ago, and ever since i have not once been able to get any usb storage devices to work on it. My 1tb external hardrive works perfectly with my old desktop but the my passport 07a8 usb device driver continuously fails to download when i plug it in. Whats...
  15. T

    Is this a good gaming desktop pc setup

    making my first gaming pc and was wondering if these parts would be good together and work together, first time, budget is around 1200 please suggest ways to improve Motherboard: MSI Z87XGD65 GAMING CPU: Intel Core i7 4770K Quad Core Retail...