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    [SOLVED] AHCI vs IDE mode for laptop

    I have Hp8760w laptop and it was running with builtin HDD of 500gb till today. i just bought adata su750 512gb for the purpose of windows, games, regular usages, offices, etc and my existing will be a storage drive for my collection of pictures and movies along with music. As i was finding my...
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    Question Boot Time Incredibly Slow. 2.2 TB Infinity keeps popping up? AHCI not showing in bios?

    Hey guys I recently added an SSD to my spare rig so my mother could use it. The boot time was too slow with the old harddrive (roughly 1.5 minutes) so I got an SSD to hopefully get it down to 20 seconds or less. I installed windows on this SSD and ran some boot tests. Took 1 minute. The reason...
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    Question hard disk 500 gb problem

    hi , i would share my problem with you guys maybe i got the solution , so i have a second hard disk western digital 500 gb when i put it in the first time it work normaly but when i try to delete some folder in the hard , the hard disk want work again it show me in the dsk management : disk...
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    Black friday pc gaming build

    any recommendation on gaming pc build ? budget $700-750 i can go little bit more if necessary. mostly for gaming and little bit of programming and streaming maybe