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  1. PeYo

    Question i7 12700k Thermal Throttle in Cinebench r32 with AiO

    Hello guys! I freshly upgraded my MoBo as well as the CPU to a i7 12700k and a MSI Z690 EDGE DDR4. After turning on my PC the temps seemed normal and while playing games it looks normal too. The issue is when i launch Cinebench R23 and start up the Multicore render ,some cores go to...
  2. Iver Hicarte

    Question Custom Loop vs. AIO, is there a real world difference?

    To people who had experiences with custom loops and using AIO' a custom loop worth it? Does it make a big difference compared to AIO's? Care to share some of your experiences and thoughts about this subject...I really would like to know if it gives a big benefit in the real world...
  3. 4gotten

    Question CPU overheat and bios stuck

    Hello, the other day my pc crashed will playing a game and I thought nothing of it and reset my computer. Later that day it crashed once or twice more and I had to turn my computer off and back on at which point the pc would start to boot for about 3 seconds and cut off. After changing my power...
  4. D

    [SOLVED] AIO Failing

    Hi, i just wanted to ask here too, im pretty sure my aio is dying but i wanna be sure so this is the situtation, my fans turned to full speed and temps were at 80C while playing osrs, i shutted down my pc and cleaned the aio, changed thermal paste and checked all wires, after starting the pc...
  5. C

    [SOLVED] Persistent CPU Temp Issues

    I have had a NZXT pre-built PC for about a year now. Recently I thought I was having AIO issues with my Kraken M22 because I was seeing idle temps of 65-75C and hitting 95C and throttling under load. Finally fixed it after hours of troubleshooting and reverting my OC, etc. All it took was...
  6. J

    [SOLVED] insane temps on corsair h100i v2

    It all started when I ordered a 5 pack of cheap Chinese rgb fans to put in my pc, when swapping out all of the fans I had the radiator hanging down from the pump, I then put everything back in and immediately on boot I go on nzxt cam I see my cpu is going mental, hit 100C and turned off. I've...
  7. ManicMarksDog

    Question 7700k overheating

    I have a 7700k with h110i water cooling. Originally it was oc 5.2ghz and idled 70c with peaks of 87c. Now (four years later), it's 70c idling in Windows but during gaming is averaging 90-100c, even though I've dropped overclock to 4.4ghz. I have repasted and reseated my cpu. Is my processor dead...
  8. W

    [SOLVED] cpu at 90+ degrees while gaming, please help

    Hi i have a i7-6700 with a corsair h100i aio recently changed case and thought i may have put the aio back on wrong but i havent but getting temps of 90 and higher even reched 100 at one point just cant seem to figure it out ive got mt radiator fans blowing air out the top of the pc
  9. D

    [SOLVED] AIO to Air Cooling

    I am looking to upgrade my PC to a 3080 at some point, however due to the size of my case and the length of the GPU, I am trying to find other alternatives to my CPU cooler. I have a AIO Water cooler that is a brand by the company that built my PC and it has 2 120MM fans on it, the problem is my...
  10. K

    Question One or more of my fans keep ramping up and down and I don't know which ones ?

    Ive tried to fix this for a while by my self but i havent found much out on why its doing it, ive looked at HWinfo when they rise up and cant see what one is doing it, ive set custom fan curves in the BIOS, tried my hardest to make sure they were not aggressive. made sure all the fans are...
  11. J

    [SOLVED] Is my AIO Broken?

    I have a Corsair H100i Pro XT AIO cooler for my R5 5600x . Its set up as an exhaust at the top of my pc with 6 fans as intake. Ive noticed that even when playing csgo im reaching temps over 70° at 4.5GHZ (POB) I feel like thats a bit high. even at idel it can be between 40-60° for no reason...
  12. Tennis987

    Question Best fan configuration?

    So I have an Arctic liquid freezer ll 280 CPU cooler that I put on my front panel with the included AIO fans intaking air from the inside of the case. I do not have any intake fans behind my case filter. I still have some old Corsair fans I took off my front panel before when I had my old 212...
  13. PaPies

    Question CPU Falsely at 91C, Fan at 100%, Not always (Need Help)

    Hello, I've recently built a computer and I have this problem where it would report the CPU being at 91-95C and spin the fans to oblivion (As I have 7 fans) Cooling in question is ML360R RGB from Coolermaster. MB: Gigabyte Gaming X I can't 100% confirm, but if I leave the fans at Normal...
  14. F

    [SOLVED] 280mm AIO vs 360mm AIO

    Hi, My friend recently bought a 360mm AIO and says he has noticed a big difference and suggests that I should buy one (He doesn't know much about PC hardware) I already have a 280mm Corsair h115i on an i5 8600k which is overclocked to 4.8GHz, would it be worth it to upgrade from my 280mm to a...
  15. S

    [SOLVED] Is my Corsair H115i AIO dead?

    A couple of months ago, my computer started making a terrible clicking sound and shortly thereafter I started getting BSODs every 1-2 weeks during gaming sessions. I started monitoring my hardware this week and realized my CPU temps are hovering around 85 degrees during gaming and sometimes...
  16. Tjummy

    Question AMD Ryzen 9 5900 90 Degrees Idle

    Hey. i built my pc today. I neatly connected all cables. when i started my pc i was shocked by the temperatures of my processor. It reaches 90 degrees Celsius when idle. The AIO makes noise from the liquid that goes through the cables and the RGB works. only in the bios is AIO pump speed N /...
  17. Johnnyde94

    Question O11XL side push pull vs top push OR pull

    Hello I have question I can’t seem to decide how I want to set up my radiator and fan set up. I have enough fans to do push pull however with my Motherboard I can’t fit push pull if I top mound the radiator. The main question is would a side push pull (6 fans) be better than a top push or pull(3...
  18. OWils0n

    [SOLVED] Replacing my cpu fan (aio cooler)

    Today my h100iv2 corsair water cooler appears to have kicked the bucket. On boot I get ‘cpu fan error’ and after much digging it appears the pump has stopped working. (I disabled monitoring however the cpu temps are sky rocketing after a minute or 2). It is plugged into the cpu_fan header and to...
  19. ItzaHoudini

    [SOLVED] Case Air Flow Help

    Need some advice for case air flow. I have 3 fans on my AIO top mounter pulling air into the case (Case>Rad>Fans). 1 intake fan in the back. My Rad tubes are not log enough to front mount with the tubes coming from the bottom of the Rad (tubes on bottom are recommended for air bubble issues). 3...
  20. N

    [SOLVED] AIO not working, anything to do?

    Hi All A couple of days ago i got a warning when i booted up my PC saying that my CPU fan was not working properly. I didn't think much of it and tried to boot anyways to see if it still worked as normal, which it did. I've been getting this warning each time I've booted for the last couple of...
  21. 102938

    [SOLVED] Are AIOs unreliable?

    So I'm planning on building my own PC in a few months (first time doing it) and I'm planning to go with either an i7-10400 or an i7-10700. I had asked for some build advice and some people recommended that I go with an AIO hybrid cooler because the case I was thinking about getting only comes...
  22. Ducky190

    [SOLVED] Will the AIO fit in the case

    I have a Carbide Spec 05 case and I am planning on upgrading my CPU, MOBO, RAM and getting an AIO, I am going with the Nzxt Krakeb Z73, will it even fit cause I cannot find if it can but I went on the custom cooling config for corsair and it says it can fit a 360mm AIO if I remove the hard drive...
  23. gloomi

    [SOLVED] CPU fan suddenly not detected, and AIO n/a, please help!!

    So I had someone over to build my PC for me yesterday, we tested everything, everything was good and working (minus the aio pump). He left, I took the PC to my room and plugged it in and went to bed. Now to the next day, I just tried to turn it on to test with my new monitor attached, and now...
  24. WubLyfe

    [SOLVED] Is Push-Pull worth it for an AIO?

    I've gotten some good feedback on this on Reddit, but I'd like to see what this community thinks as well. TLDR: Is it worth it to do push/pull on an AIO rad when not using high static pressure fans and the rad is the only case intake? OP: Ok, so: I'll be moving from a Dark Base 700 to a...
  25. M

    Question i7-8086k casually hitting 100c under load

    Hey guys, I really need some help. I've been pouring through threads and looking around for an answer to my problem. I've had this PC for over a year now and just started monitoring the temperature my components are running at and my CPU is running extremely hot. Running games like Far Cry 5...
  26. Lemonzard

    [SOLVED] Top Mount AIO Cooling Case

    Hello everyone, Was looking into getting a case that provides great airflow through the front, and top for a top mount AIO. Cooler Master H500 is one of the first choices, but unsure if 3 intake fans, with one exhaust fan in the back with the radiator on top would be sufficient enough. Have a...
  27. Tschrom

    [SOLVED] Liquid cooler gone bad?

    Hey all, just need to get some verification that my CPU cooler might have finally gone bad. I have an h100i v2, have for years now. Lately my idle temps have been pretty high for an AIO, hovering around 45-50c. Almost like it's passively cooling. Also, the pump seems to run full throttle...
  28. A

    [SOLVED] Optimized Cooling with AIO

    So I’m going to be building in an Enthoo Pro TG. I currently have the CoolerMaster ML360R. But I’ve been reading about negative pressure and positive pressure, and I’m almost certain I will have negative pressure in my case due to the following: I will have 2x 140mm intake in the front of the...
  29. Matthew_korhan

    Question AIO RGB ON X58 PLATFORM

    Hi! I just bought and installed a deep cool gamaxx 240l v2 AIO on my system! But there is nowhere to plug in the 4 pin molex cable for the RGB as this platform doesn’t have RGB headers! (Or does it?) Was just wondering what my best solution is to get the lights working on this older platform...
  30. KevNaja

    [SOLVED] Coolermaster CPU Cooler LED question

    I'm planning to buy the Coolermaster Masterliquid ML240L but I don't want to have the radiator fans have its LED turned on. Will the fan work perfectly if the RGB wire is disconnected from the header?
  31. A

    [SOLVED] New case

    Hi all am looking to buy a new case, inside I will be adding ATX X570 motherboard 3700x cpu 16gb ram And a 2080 graphics card Seasonic FOCUS Plus Gold 750W I will be adding aio at some point not sure on the size yet but might be a 360mm option, I won't do any custom water cooling. Also what...
  32. TakeoverGabe

    [SOLVED] CPU Temps increasing overtime with AIO

    Hey everyone! I recently got an Arctic Freezer 240 AIO which is working great, but over time I have noticed that temps have started to increase during idle and gaming. Now before I go any further, I'd like to mention that the AIO cable that powers the whole thing is slightly damaged, it has a...
  33. CT-5555

    [SOLVED] 5 maybe 6 year old AIO

    Should I be looking at getting a new aio, current one is 360mm still keeping low temps never really getting higher than 40°c however it is about 5 or 6 years old. I've recently noticed it does make a rushing sound every now and then guessing it could be getting clogged up?
  34. O


    I have 2 radiators and need advice on best placement. Case: Obsidian 500D RGB CPU Cooler: X73 360 (CPU is 10900k) GPU Cooler: single 120 (it’s a 2080 ti EVGA FTW hybrid) X73 only fits on front, so it has to go there, but where should I mount the GPU radiator? In back as another intake or back...
  35. L

    [SOLVED] Corsair 280x Case Radiator Fan Placement

    Hello all, I have a Corsair 280x case and I'm planning to put a radiator at the top, would it be better if the fans were placed on top of the radiator or underneath it?
  36. ntzntz

    [SOLVED] RGB not synced

    Hi. I hope i posted into the right place. Recently i did a build for someone that even if i told him im not yet into rgb and lights setups he wanted to do something. I failed of course on syncing the pump with the lights from the fan and that is the reason i am here. First here are the...
  37. [SOLVED] 8086k / Qestion about Idle temps

    Hello, I have a maximus Hero X and a delidded 8086k and i was told that my idle temps are a bit high.. My rig is : Motherboard: Asus Maximus Hero X Processor: i7 8086kdelid - 4.8Ghz @ 1.2vcore GPU : RTX 2080 TI EVGA FTW3 ULTRA Ram : 32GB G.SKILL Trident Z RGB / 3466Mhz PSU: Corsair RMI 850...
  38. D

    [SOLVED] AIO water cooler pump not running at rated RPM

    Hey all, hopefully someone here can help! So I've been overclocking my built PC that I've had for a while, like 4 years or something. This AIO cooler is consistently running at 1,300 give or take. The rated pump should run at 2500 RPM, aren't these suppose to run at 100% all the time for water...
  39. T

    [SOLVED] Why can't I control my fan's RGB individually?

    Hi Guys, below is my setup: X570 I AORUS PRO WIFI 16GB Gskill Trident DDR4 3600 GeForce GTX 1660ti AMD Ryzen 7 3700x My mobo has only one ADDR RGB 4 pin connector. I bought a CoolerMaster AIO and installed, connecting the fan's power to CPU header and all the other fans (3 CoolerMaster 120) to...
  40. Elliott_tech

    [SOLVED] AIO cooled GPU Overheating

    Hi, Just after Christmas i setup my RTX 2080ti onto the NZXT Kraken G12 cooling mount with a corsair H55 to see how AIO cooling worked to drop my temps. At first i saw a passive temperature of around 30 degrees and at load it never went above 60 so i was happy with how it was as it was slightly...