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  1. MorrisN

    Question Why is my new CPU liquid cooler pump not working ?

    Hello, Yesterday I bought a new coolermaster masterliquid 240l v2 rgb and tried to install it in my pc. But when I turned it on, the cpu was overheating and I felt on the cooler that it was not pumping water. I don’t know what to do next. My motherboard is msi b550 gaming edge wifi and my cpu is...
  2. H

    [SOLVED] My case doesn't support aio radiator on top.

    Hi, Im building my first gaming pc. So in short... My cpu case doesn't support aio liquid cooler on upper side because of low space. And the cpu case comes with 4 pre installed fans (3 on front side and 1 on on rear side) so if want to install an aio on front side should i have to replace...
  3. G

    [SOLVED] Possibility of damaging Processor with Old AIO Cooler?

    My friend gave me this Corsair H75 AIO ( )She's not sure though if it's still working since it's been with her for few years without using...
  4. A

    Are these high temps for an i5 8600K

    so at idle on my i5 8600K i sit around 50-55*C and while playing games it doesnt go past 65*C its not overclocked and i have a Cryorig H7 cooling it so are these temps ok or should i take off the cooler and apply some mx4 instead of the stuff that comes with the H7? thanks in advance