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    [SOLVED] Fans setup suggestions?

    My case configuration is like this: a 240mm AIO in the front, a normal 120mm fan also in the front, two 120mm fans in the top and one in the back. Which fans should I use as an intake and which ones as an exhaust? Thanks
  2. CBunn

    Question I installed an AIO, now I cannot boot with DOCP turned on.

    Hello, I just upgraded from the stock cooler provided with Ryzen 7 2700x to the H115i Platinum. After doing this I went into bios and set CPU fan to ignore and enable the AIO pump. Saved changes and reset then my system posted into safe mode. I have cleared CMOS and reset all defaults and tried...
  3. N

    [SOLVED] NZXT H500 AIO Size?

    So I was just wondering what size of AIO fits in that case? 240mm or 280mm?
  4. D

    Question Which one of these is the best option?

    I'm on my way to buy a new PC and I went for the i5-9600k. I wanted to do some OC (not extreme but maybe try to push it around 4.7-5 ghz) so I decided to go for water cooling. My current budget only allows me to buy AIO kits and I found these 3, which seem pretty similar and both have positive...
  5. arhamsaif

    Question I need suggestion for my gaming PC..Suggest me Intel i9 or AMD 3rd Gen?

    Hello! Guys I am going to built my Gaming PC with RTX 2080Super and I9 9900k what other component you suggest me buy? or I9 is better or 3rd generation AMD is better?? Please Configure my PC
  6. S

    Question Asus rog Ryuo 240 vs. Corsair h115i pro.

    Hello, I'm deciding between buying a Corsair h115i Pro or an Asus Rog Ryuo 240 for my new PC. If I take the Corsair, I would change the fans for 2 ll140 rgb, so that in the end it would cost the same. I'm mainly interested in this AIO being reliable, durable and, in especially, having some...
  7. J

    Question AIO or Air cooler for thermaltake v1 SFF build?

    Hello, I am building my first SFF build. With a thermaltake V1 case. So not too small. I am using an I3-9100 so a low power CPU. Should i go with air cooled or an AIO in this case? Never used an AIO before. I grabbed a Scythe BS3 for now, since not many coolers fit in this case because of...
  8. S

    Question Need help with dimensions of AIO

    Hi! I'm planning on buying the Cooler Master ML360R AIO Cooler for my Ryzen 5 2600, which is 39.4cm in height, while my Front in around the 40cm. I do have 3 stock fans of 120mm each, but not sure if the AIO will fit in my case. Should I take the risk and buy it (can't return, buying abroad)...
  9. S

    Question Good case for under 90Eur

    So I wanna upgrade a crappy computer case with a brand new. The PC parts are: -I7-8700k 4.5ghz -coolermaster masterliquid 240 lite -GTX 1080 Ti Phoenix -MSI Z370-a pro -2x8gb Kingston Predator 3200mhz -a lot of fans - like I have 10 120mm, which are not used -1 HDD, 1 Sata SSD I currently have...
  10. L

    Question "Passive" radiator

    I am just wondering if this will work, I am planning on buying 4 arctic f12 pwm fans as a push pull configuration on my radiator, these fans only start up when the cpu is under load, I already have 1 of these fans as an exhaust in my case, so my question is with these fans not spinning at low...
  11. T

    Question What temps should i expect from a x72 and a i9 9900k I want to overclock to 5GHZ

    Hi, I am a video editor. I use After Effects and Premiere Pro a lot. I recently I built my first PC! These are the specs: CPU: i9 990k CPU COOLER: NZXT Kraken X72 MOTHERBOARD: Asus Z390-E RAM: 32 GB GSKILL 3200 MHZ Trident-Z RGB GPU: Asus RTX 2080 Strix OC STORAGE: Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500 gb...
  12. Trustdesa

    Question How many bubbles are too much in an AIO?

    Hi Guys, I have installed in my H400 (love that case) a Deepcool 240mm Pro, amazing looking cooler and it works like a charm on my i7 8700k @ 4.9ghz, however moving the case around now the pump makes some noises due of air bubbles; tonight I see if I can position the radiator a bit higher on...
  13. S

    Question My fans cannot be stopped

    Hi, I am trying to configure my h100i platinum aio cpu cooler. But the fans don't go to my preferred setting, how do I fix it. My preset one is 1000 rpm but one is at 3000 and the otherat 700
  14. L

    Question Front mounted radiator

    Is it okay to mount radiator in the front as intake? I can only mount it in the front of the case (I will be getting a new case in the future) but will it affect gpu and vrm temps massively or will it be alright? Gpu sits at around 56°c, the aio I am using is the maelstrom 240t on an i5 4670k...
  15. D

    Question High Temps on i7 6700k with h100i v2

    Hi everyone. My i7 6700k @ 4.2 GHz is idling at 35 to 45 degrees Celsius with chrome and intel extreme tuning utility open. This isn't very high at all, but when I benchmark it with IETU, it goes up to the high 90s and thermal throttles. It is only running at 4.2 GHz. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  16. S

    Question Is it normal to not feel the air flow on the other side of a AIO radiator while your fans are blowing that direction?

    Hello all, I just bought this AIO: I have my fans set up like this [>>>>>3-Fans Blowing Direction>>>>>] [360mm radiator] However, after I turn my PC on with my...
  17. kinggaming60

    Question Fan Configuration for AIO

    So i'm planning on upgrading to an AIO and i already have a cooler that i think will work exeptionally well for the price, the H115i Pro. My case is a NZXT S340 and i have heard that i should avoid 280mm rads at all cost but it is possible to fit it into my case and for me it makes most sense to...
  18. M

    Question High cpu temperatures (spikes at 100% usage)

    Hi, I recently noticed a huge issue with my CPU cooling. Even when my CPU is idle, it shows 40-50°C temps across all cores (which is by my guess fine) but this is somewhere betwen 1 to 5% load (liquid temp is stabilized around 38°C when iddle). In case of higher usage, temperatures spikes very...
  19. E

    Question Cooling GTX 1080Ti

    Hello guys, I just bought Gigabyte GTX 1080 Ti Gaming OC and it temps are around 80°C and throttle to around 1600 MHZ. But what is worse is the sound of gass turbine comming from those 3 small fans. I was thinking about NZXT G12 + some compatible AiO. I actually tried 100% fan speed and the...
  20. P

    Question Help picking cooling option for i7-9700k

    Hi, I'm planning to upgrade my PC. I'm thinking about getting an i7-9700k and planning to OC it. Right now I'm thinking about cooling solutions to it. Currently I'm using a CoolerMaster Masterbox Pro 5 RGB case with (unfortunately) plastic front panel. For my CPU cooler I was rather thinking...