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  1. B

    Question Whooling noice from Liquid Freezer II 420

    Hello guys, 10 days ago i decide to update my bios (motherboard MSI Pro Z790-a) but something happened and black screen appear for a hour and decide to restart it. There was some errors and asked me to enter new PC name and password. My fans were all spinning at max rpm`s. A friend of mine...
  2. Unable2Play

    Question I think my AIO is dying

    Hi, i think my AIO is dying. For the past couple of months my cpu has had an idle temp of 80+ °C, which i know isn't normal because it used to be somewhere between 45 and 55°C. I curently got the msi mag coreliquid 360r with lian li sl 120 fans for cooling my ryzen 7 5800x and i also just read...
  3. J

    Question Cooling recommendations for i7 10700k

    Hey folks, I posted a few weeks ago in this forum detailing a overheating problem with my build of 3 years now utilizing a i7 10700k. My main uses are for creative work and gaming. I will link the previous post that I made on these forums here for details regarding the issue of overheating and...
  4. Seekingleaking

    Question 5800x3d Reaching 90c - 91c despite trying all solutions

    Brand new 5800x3d in a NZXT H1. Yes, it shouldn't be in a SFF case, but I read other comments and threads with the same setup and the default H1 AIO being used and they get much lower temps, whereas I reach the thermal throttling limit almost instantly in intensive games. Lets look at my...
  5. spoofinger

    Question Corsair iCUE H100i Elite Capellix XT Pump not Working

    My Corsair H100i AIO CPU Cooler is not working properly. This is a new PC, with a Ryzen 9 7900x3D, ASUS TUF Gaming X670E plus WiFi, and already mentioned in the title, Corsair iCUE H100i Elite Capellix XT as the CPU Cooler. I believe the issue lies with the cooler and not the motherboard...
  6. F

    Question Corsair iCUE H150i ELITE CAPELLIX XT humming noise

    Hello! Yesterday I built a new PC and one thing kind of caught me off-guard - the AIO cooler fans seem to be creating this very awkward non-stop humming noise (pattern is like a slow rap beat and it sounds like a very toned down siren) on higher RPM. I made sure to tighten every single screw as...
  7. F

    Question [Solved]Inno3D 4090 Frostbite: What AIO do I use with this GPU?

    Hi all, I came across the opportunity to upgrade my video card to a 4090, and the cheapest one I could find is the Inno3D Frostbite, which is watercooled. I have had a watercooled CPU in the past and used a simple AIO solution. However, this looks like a whole different ball game. Would...
  8. F

    Question Best quality 240 / 280mm AIO (New Zealand)?

    Hi, My friend's MSI Coreliquid 240mm is having some problems so we're going to do a replacement. He needs an AIO because it's a fairly compact mATX case and he's running an i9 9900KF so it makes a fair bit of heat. I can't seem to get the Arctic Freezer II here in New Zealand, at least not...
  9. J

    Question Is this safe to do?

    I'm trying to fit the AIO controller into my case however I can't really find any space for it, except for the backplate on the motherboard behind the CPU. is it safe to install it there? I would upload a picture but it appears as though you're not allowed to upload pictures from your computer...
  10. NoahNono

    Question Liduid cooling not working correctly

    Well met everyone, my 2 year old AIO suddenly stopped working correctly. My CPU is reaching Idle temperatures of 70° Celcius. While I touch the tubes connected to the pump one is warm and the other one is cold. Already replaced the thermal paste and checked all the connections. I am using the...
  11. G

    Question Dell XPS One A2420 power supply replacement

    Hey all. Please forgive me since it's been years since I have really been on the forum. I have a Dell XPS One A2420 all in one machine that the power supply seems to have failed in. The model is a HIPRO HP-D2554A0 power supply. It seems to have been in use with servers as well, so the prices...
  12. P

    Question CPU Temps.

    Hey, so I just ordered a new AIO for my desktop. I suspect my old AIO(NZXT M22 Kraken 120mm) was dead, so I ordered a new one (NZXT X63 280mm).I’m not sure when it started happening, but my CPU (I7-10700K) was running pretty hot usually around mid 80’s to mid 90’s °C, so here’s hoping it helps...
  13. A

    Question Be Quiet Silent Loop AIO problem -- PLEASE HELP :(

    I've recently built a new PC and having a problem with the Be Quiet Silent Loop AIO -- it's super frustrating! Possibly the case fans as well. This is the first time I've installed an AIO so bear with me. I believe I've installed the cables from the AIO into the right slots with the 3 pin...
  14. X

    Question Deepcool Infinity LT520 vs ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240 vs Lian Li Galahad 240

    Hello! I'm currently looking for a replacement AIO for my main rig (i7-9700k) and an air cooler for my backup setup (i7-4770k). Recently, my Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240 stopped working, the pump was making rattling noises and I had to move the case around to get it to start. It's quite...
  15. vEiji

    Question Do I have to plug in the usb 2.0 on my mbo for kraken z53

    I ran out of usb ports on my mbo currently waiting for my nzxt hub to come ,can I turn on my pc with out it plugged in ??
  16. W

    Question Corsair H100i GTX with LGA1700 socket help ?

    So I've just bought my parts, upgrading to a 13600k. Wanted to reuse my aio and saw corsair offer a retrofit kit for some of their older aios. I came from a skylake processor so a lga 1151. The kit is for a few different models but one of them is 115x - assuming 50 and 51 etc. Cooler...
  17. W

    Question Liquid temps in a Z73

    Hello, this is my first time using an AIO (Z73 Kraken) and also the first time dealing with liquid temperatures, and was wondering if 40-ish celsius is normal at load? What are the safe temperatures for the liquid? I assume they are lower than cpu temps.
  18. T

    Question CPU Very hot under load with 240mm AIO

    Hi guys, I recently upgraded from my 6700k to a 11400f, but kept the same AIO as I read that 1151 coolers would work for the 1200 socket generation. While stress-testing the CPU, I noticed it gets quite hot under load ( View: ) , and I had the same issue with the...
  19. J

    Question Strange system behavior after visiting BIOS

    My PC is brand new and is very silent when I directly boot into Windows. However, the moment I go into BIOS my system gets a bit noisy in the sense that it makes a kind of "oowoowoowooo" sound. The weird part is that this sound goes on even when leaving BIOS and booting into Windows. It only...
  20. Filledwithchill

    Question 360 AIO with 2 AIO Fans 1 Case Fan

    Hi everyone. I’m running into an issue using my Deepcool 360EX aio in my Corsair 4000d and fitting my Gigabyte OC 4090 in. The 4090 is just ever so slightly a mm too long and I can’t slot it in without the card hitting my middle fan on the aio. My question is if it’s ok to buy a slim case fan...
  21. Pururaj

    [SOLVED] AIO Recommendation for Ryzen 5700x

    Right now I'm using a Cooler Master tx3 from my old build and as in India it tends to get pretty hot in summers and on full load my cpu is already 76c , I want to upgrade to an aio, I'm new to the aio liquid cooling stuff, I have no idea what to get , I did some research though. I'm considering...
  22. T

    Question All in one system advice

    Hello. A friend of mine is looking for an all in one system and asked for help :) As design ASUS and HP looks nice. I'm looking for system with 8gb RAM 256/512 HDD and last generations of CPU, tryng to found a system with good score in CPU Mark But I'm wondering if there are some important...
  23. J

    Question Nzxt h5 flow, i7 13700k aio config

    Hello, i am going to build a new pc. Here are the specs: CASE: NZXT H5 Flow MB: ASUS TUF GAMING Z790-PLUS WIFI soc 1700 DDR5 Z790 ATX 90 CPU: Intel Core i7-13700K CPU cooler: NZXT Kraken X53 RGB or NZXT Kraken X63 RGB? GPU: ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4080 16GB OC Edition RAM: Kingston FURY...
  24. S

    Question Momentary temperature spikes on My i7 13700K

    I am using a i7 13700K with NZXT KRAKEN X63 Cooler. When gaming my average temps are around 65C to 70C. But in HWINFO64 Temp graph I see sometimes My temps goes around 80c or even 85C for like a millisecond. Then it comes back to normal 65 to 70c. Is this Safe for my CPU? and Why is this...
  25. M

    Question 13900k Thermal Throttling at stock speeds

    I bought a EVGA CLCx 360mm AIO to cool down my 13900k. Even at stock settings for the CPU, I'm getting thermal throttling under stress tests. I find it weird because I'm not seeing these issues with other CPU Coolers, is there a chance I just got a defective one? Radiator and fans are top...
  26. LuckyHood

    Question High CPU temperatures

    Hello guys, I made a new system build. The specs are these: -CPU intel i7 13700kf -GPU Gigabyte RTX 3070 OC LHR -Motherboard Gigabyte B660 Gaming AX -PSU Seasonic G12 GM 750W 80+ Gold -Ram Corsair Vengeancee PRO 3200 mhz CL 16 -Cooler NZXT Kraken X73 -Storage, 1 TB Kingston, 1TB Samsung SSDs M2...
  27. K

    [SOLVED] AIO suddenly not doing its job

    Hi everyone, I have recently moved house and when booting up a game I noticed some choppy frames and in idle noticed my fan speeds were a bit high. I replaced the thermal paste as it was a 2 year old hydronaut paste, and it got even worse (however the paste I reapplied was no name). I proceeded...
  28. LuckyHood

    Question High CPU temperatures in everything ?

    Hello guys, I made a new system build. The specs are these: -CPU intel i7 13700kf -GPU Gigabyte RTX 3070 OC LHR -Motherboard Gigabyte B660 Gaming AX -PSU Seasonic G12 GM 750W 80+ Gold -Ram Corsair Vengeancee PRO 3200 mhz CL 16 -Cooler NZXT Kraken X73 -Storage, 1 TB Kingston, 1TB Samsung SSDs M2...
  29. LuckyHood

    [SOLVED] NZXT Kraken X73 Pump Location

    Hello guys, I made a PC prebuild and it's the first time using an AIO. Do you think it's ok to keep the pump directing down as it is in the photo?
  30. Q

    Question Multiple problems with pc

    So, I returned home a couple of days ago after the christmas vacation and after turning on the pc the first time everything was ok. Yesterday something weird happened when I opened. The case fans were 100% from when I presses the pb. I went into Bios and confirmed it was the cpu getting hot...
  31. J

    Question ROG Strix 670e / Deep Cool LT720 AIO CPU Fan Error

    I am getting a BIOS CPU fan error and my AIO is working. I've seen that I can change my BIOS to Ignore the CPU fan error but when I do and SAVE BIOS, it does a reboot and I get a 0d on my Qled panel and NO POST. To boot I need to clear CMOS and that resets the CPU Fan ignore. So my boot...
  32. F

    Question 3 Brand New Corsair H100i Capellix later...

    I am stumped. I bought my first H100i on January 1st. I put it together everything seems to be working fine, my temps are good, the LED on the cooler turned on then turned off and stayed off, other than that all is working well if not better. I then download iCUE my H100i shows up, so the...
  33. R

    Question Corsair H150i elite LCD 360MM - pump works for 1 second on startup then stops

    hey yall I recently got a new AIO for my PC because my previous one from EKWB broke and this one is also having some issues. I can feel the pump vibrating for the first second the PC starts up then it just stops and the temp rises to 85-90. I have it plugged in CPU_fan header, and I made sure...
  34. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] How to control Lian Li Galahad 360 RGB lighting?

    Greetings, Firstly, apologies if I posted in the wrong topic thread, I'm not really sure where to post this issue I'm having. Anyways, I have a Galahad 360 RGB AIO from Lian Li, now I wish to control the rgb lighting through software, the problem is...the AIO model I bought is not the ARGB...
  35. F

    [SOLVED] NEW case suggestions please - rx7900xtx cooking

    Hi there, I recently changed my graphics card in my corsaird carbide 100D, i have a 120mm AIO on my ryzen 5600x, 1 120mm fan as intake and using the rad as exhaust, its bad i know, but i thought i could get away with it, and i did with my gtx 1070. my new rx 7900 xtx is not so forgiving...
  36. F

    Question CPU temperatures are higher since changing PC case ?

    Hello. I just changed my computer case. Temperatures usually reach 60/70 celcius at most but since I switched my system to a new computer case and having changed the cpu thermal paste. I have had extremely high temperatures. I changed the thermal paste again and noticed that the paste was...
  37. drub1e

    Question Kraken x63 pump is stuck on 700 RPM ?

    Hello! I have a Kraken x63 AIO and it's stuck at 700 rpm. Can't change it. please help!
  38. AbrahamMalpica

    Question Are there more PC chassis like the 5000D from Corsair?

    I need one chassis that let me mount the radiator of 360 mm on the top and that also support a push and pull configuration, just like the 5000D from Corsair. Please, thank you.
  39. X

    Question 5600X Running Hot, Multiple Coolers

    We have a system with a 5600X in it that is continually running hot. We have tried multiple coolers and cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. Had a Kraken 120 originally mounted, the pump went out and the system started shutting down within a minute of boot. Installed a Kraken X42, CPU was...
  40. R

    [SOLVED] arctic liquid freezer ii 280 radiator/fans too loud

    I just built a new pc, and there is really loud and annoying noise coming from the radiator/fans, is this normal or do I have faulty item or something ? I'm doing top mount, so I guess there shouldn't be any bubbles. and I'm talking while pc in idle and all temps around 30C. here is what it...