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  1. P

    Question Cooler recomandations for AMD Ryzen 5 2600x or solutions for better temps

    Hello guys, I am having problems with my CPU temps. The idle temp is 44 celcius and the highest i got was 74 when playing Shadow of The Tomb Raider (after 20 minutes...). I have a very big case(SilentumPC Regnum RG4T) so good airflow, i connected all 3 fans that come with the case, i have good...
  2. matheusaavila

    [SOLVED] Optimal fan placement

    Hello! I have just recently built my first pc by myself. Now I'm trying to find the best fan placement for cooling I'm using the Sharkoon Skiller SGC1 Window case and 6 unexpensive coolermaster 120mm fans. The case supports 1x fan on the back, 3x fans on the top and 2x fans on the front. I...
  3. techflame700

    [SOLVED] Should I get the Hyper 212 Evo or the Black Edition?

    I am deciding between the Hyper 212 Evo and the Hyper 212 Black Edition. They are both the same price on Amazon. Is there a difference in performance/noise? Are there any other important differences? Thanks! - Hyper 212...
  4. S

    32-bit window on 64-bit PC (win10)

    It is easy to run a DOS window/box under windows… but how do we run a 32-bit window/box on 64-bit PC?
  5. T

    New graphic, budget: 190-230 usd

    Hi guys, my 7970 card died so i need a new one! My budget is 190-230 usd aprox. My system specs are: Display Devices Make and model, connection/adapter in use, resolution and refresh rate; e.g. Acer V246HLbmd 24" @60Hz adapter vga to dvi Motherboard Make and model; e.g. Asrock Z87 Pro3...