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    Static noise coming from headphones when I listen to music, think it may be notebook's fault

    Good afternoon. Recently, about two weeks ago, I've bought a brand new ACER Aspire E1-570G and I've had no major problems with it (aside from a few freezes the first days, but now it's smoother than butter). My only problem is that yesterday I've noticed a static sound that can be heard over...
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    Best Grapic Card for my desktop.

    I wonder who is the Best Graphic for my my specifications are: Motherboard:asrock p67 fatal1ty performance CPU: Intel i5 2500k ram: 8gb g-skill psi: 750w corsair bronze I want to play the witcher 3 when it comes in really good details. my budget is 400dls.
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    How far can I overclock this GPU?:

    My power supply is corsair 430M. The GPU is this: 750 ti So how far can I overclock this gpu on its stock fan/cooler at stable levels?
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    pc won't start with the new memory

    Please help, today i got new memory from a friend (elixir m2f2g64cb88g7n-cg), and my pc won't start with it, i think it has something to do with it being 1333mhz and my pc only goes with 1600 but i'm not really sure, do i need to change something in the bios? i read updating your bios will help...
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    HDMI 1.3 Gold or HDMI 1.4

    HDMI 1.3 Gold or HDMI 1.4 witch one to buy I have gtx 770 4gb and I dont have 3d monitor just LED 1080p samsung tv.
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    What were your first time build mistakes?

    Hey guys! I just finished my first PC, and I was curious how everyone else did on their first build. Preferably amusing/funny ones please. To get this thread started, here are the few mistakes I made: I forgot to take the protective covers off of the video outputs on my motherboard and bent my...