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  1. A

    Question 1 Case fan (In the front)

    Does 1 case fan in the front of the case do any harm? My other fan in my case recently died and we couldn't make it. So i had to take it out. Now i only have 1 fan in the front, and 1 in the back of my case.
  2. velocci

    Question cooler for an i7-8700k

    Hi all, can someone recommend a good air fan/cooler for the i7-8700k? One that isn't too expensive, doesn't interfere with memory and isn't too difficult to install?
  3. P

    Question Help picking cooling option for i7-9700k

    Hi, I'm planning to upgrade my PC. I'm thinking about getting an i7-9700k and planning to OC it. Right now I'm thinking about cooling solutions to it. Currently I'm using a CoolerMaster Masterbox Pro 5 RGB case with (unfortunately) plastic front panel. For my CPU cooler I was rather thinking...
  4. Mo.R

    Question Gtx 1060 quietness

    Hi, I want to know if the Gtx 1060/ti is a quiet card.if there are could you give me the names. I'm not looking for single fan ones, due to dual and triple look better in my opinion. Thanks
  5. JaSoN_cRuZe

    Question Nvidia GPU Boost is not working properly!!

    I have an EVGA 1070Ti Ultra FTW, the issue is when i increase the power efficiency slider to 130% and +750 over memory, i get the same result as keeping the power efficiency @ 100% in Fire strike (Graphic score 22 221). I noticed that GPU Core clock doesn't go beyond 1900Mhz in both cases unless...
  6. S

    Question New computer with bad CPU cooler installation causing very high temps!

    Hello, I just built my first PC yesterday, ( ) I've never built a pc before and didn't really know what I was doing, it did turn on however, surprisingly. Anyway when it came time to install the CPU cooler I kind of messed up really bad, or at least I think...
  7. G

    Automatic repair couldn't repair your PC

    I have this problem for the second time. The first time I've fixed it with system restore point and it worked. I THINK windows crashed after using front USB port. Now about one or two minutes after using front usb it happened again. Same problem. Log file...
  8. R

    Bottlenecking with an i5 8400 question

    So the CPU im planning to get is i5 8400, after reading alot of reviews Since alot of people also say it's a cpu game changer and an i7 is no longer really needed for gaming. It seems many people pair this cpu with an gtx1060, but what if i pair it with gtx 1070 or gtx 1080? Will there be any...
  9. G

    Help with building a desktop pc

    Approximate Purchase Date Jan 2018 Budget Range: 500-1000£ (Less the best) System Usage from Most to Least Important: Running GTA V, playing games and office use. Are you buying a monitor: Yes / Parts to Upgrade: Need everything! Do you need to buy OS: Yes Preferred Website(s) for...
  10. M

    cable ethernet disconnection

    my wifi works good, but ethernet keeps disconnecting and give me red X when i restart my pc or unplug cable and sometimes it happens on it's own, pls help it's annyoing and the cable is good so the problem definitely in the router but i don't know what is it
  11. W

    Monitor has black screen and won't respond to button inputs?

    Hi, I have a benq GL2460 1080p 24 inch as my second display but it isn't working. I started my pc up this morning and the monitor remained black, it will not respond at all to pressing the buttons on the side of the display even the power button, it just keeps a orange led. I tried unplugging...
  12. J

    Is a gtx 650-DC-1GD5 'Ideal' for gaming?

    I am looking to see if that graphics card is any good for my first build I'm going to do soon, I have a : I3-6100 cpu 3.7Ghz HyperX fury 16gb ram And a gtx-DC-1GD5 1gb 1tb hard drive H110M-D D3 motherboard I was wondering if that graphics is any good for a game like GTA or any cod franchise...
  13. A

    I need help with Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 !!!

    I am using windows 7 64 bit ! I installed Skyrim Special Edition..Then when i launch it , i get an error "The Program can't start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-|1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer.Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. I googled it and found that this error will...
  14. jeff-j

    Best Router for Xbox Upnp

    So I have 2 XBox1 and 1 Xbox360 on our network, that are all wireless for the time being. I have a crappy netgear wireless router right now, but occasionally the thing locks up and need to be power cycled. When we have LAN parties and everyone brings their Xbox1 over the router constantly...
  15. J

    PC Build questions

    hey guys, I am about to build my very first gaming PC. Just wanna make sure it's compatible and wether you have any better ideas. specs: Case: NZXT SOURCE 340 Midi Tower PSU: AeroCool Strike-X Gamer ATX 600 watts Motherboard: MSI 970A Krait Edition CPU: AMD FX 8350 4,0 GHz CPU-cooler: ARCTIC...
  16. P

    i7 4790k cpu keeps overheating

    Hello I've build my first computer and everything seems to work fine but the cpu ( i7 4790k ) seems to be overheating when I put it on a stress test. (90-100c) I recorded the temps with coretemp and msi extreme tuning utility and the cores are at 40c when idle. 70c when being used a little bit...
  17. A

    [HELP] needed in assembling a new machine for Gaming.

    Hello there, Since my old system is officially dead. I am now moving forward to assemble a new budget system for gaming purpose. I live in India so it would be helpful if you could help me with Indian market price of computer parts. My budget is 35,000-40,000 Indian national rupees which...
  18. BlueFireZ

    Kernel security check failure??

    Hey guys I just received my Dell Inspiron 15 7000 a couple days ago and its great. I got this message saying "Kernel security check failure" twice while editing videos in Cyberlink Powerdirector 14. Is there a way to fix this? Is it somehow tied to Powerdirector?
  19. M

    Asus R9 290 OC Black Screen HELP!!!!!

    About a week ago my r9 290 while in game my monitor turn black after about 10mins of gaming I don't know the problem but I think it might be the graphics card. After this happened I downclock my 290 to stock settings core clock: 947 memory clock: 1250 and it worked fine after that here are my...
  20. D

    Need a super silent 135mm psu fan for my xfx ts 650w psu.

    should I look for the lowest rpm fan ? or will it not push enough air in. what is the minimal rpm required for a psu fan .