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  1. C

    Question Airflow path/orientation inside the case

    Hello, To begin with the setup I have a Gigabyte AC300G case. I also have a Gigabyte Liquid Cooler 360 which I was planning to place on top of the case for exhaust but due to front panel cables it doesn't fit so I had to place it on the front of the case. I have 2 stock fans on in the back...
  2. [SOLVED] Dual fan cpu cooler intake or exhaust?

    My airflow look like this. So my question should I change the CPU fan airflow to both left/right or should I just let it be?
  3. tjs247

    Question Case airflow in Corsair Carbide 275r with noctua cooler

    Hello I have a Corsair carbide 275r case (closed front) and will be getting a noctuanh-u12s chromax (single fan) as the cpu cooler. I plan on having two fans in the front as intakes and one fan at the top (there's an air filter on the top) which I don't know if it should be intake or exhaust...
  4. CancerMeister

    [SOLVED] Case Fans Setup

    I've finally decided to fix my case's airflow but unsure how to proceed with it. Going for a very budget fan setup with Arctic F12s. My question is if there is any advantage to using the P12 which is optimized for static pressure or just sticking with the plain old airflow optimized. I checked...
  5. Dlaing

    [SOLVED] Took out fan in the rear of my pc. Is this ok?

    So I just built my new pc. I have 2 fans in the front where the power button is, and 2 on top. I removed the one in the back that pushes air out, and the reason why is because I put 2 fans on my cpu cooler (it's a vertical one) and both the fans are pushing air toward the fins, meaning that...
  6. Question Plz suggest me the best possible airflow(in/out) configuration Deepcool ducase v2

    fan options: 1×120mm fan; : Front: 2×120mm or 1×140mm Top: 2×120/140mm i'm using an old aircooler.(hyper 212 evo) Currently using configuration 2 front intake 120 mm fan (in ) 2 two 120mm fan and out alternately (fan closer to the cpu heat sink in and the other one is out ) 1 rear 120mm...
  7. Greason

    Question Cooling with deep cool tesseract. Need help please!

    I've recently upgraded my budget build to a better budget build. I added an 8g gpu (xfx Rx 570) with a 750w power supply. I also have an AMD 8350 4.0 GHz 8core on an MSI 970 gaming motherboard. I noticed my cpu was getting up there in temp so I added a Corsair H70 liquid cooling unit. The...
  8. pandaroso

    Silent fan for overheating CPU

    Have a desktop with an i7 4790K (not overclocked) with stock fan. My case is a Fractal Define R4 ( The CPU overheats, so want to change the fan, but need it to remain silent. Tried a Noctua NH-D14...
  9. jaghpanther

    Upgrade 275 SLI to 580 SLI or 660ti SLI

    My daughter inherited my tertiary system: Q8300 @ 3.7 EVGA 790i FTW BFG 275 SLI She tends to play city building and civ games with the occasional Shogun 2 MP bout. I've seen several refurb EVGA 580's for about $180.00 and 660ti's for $210.00 at my local MC. Is it worth it to upgrade the 275's...